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WorknHire is one of the most popular freelance websites in India to work and earn money online. In fact, It is labelled as the “India’s First Online Market Place To Bring Contractors And Clients Under One Roof”. But pretty much anyone, living in any country can sign up here and start earning money.

How It Works

First, You have to sign up.

After you have signed, then click on “Work” Tab from the left to see all available jobs. Refer to the screenshot below for clarity.

Then find a job you think you are capable of doing and click on it to apply. You can also choose to show jobs according to categories from the categories section on the left. (screenshot above). When you click on the job you want to work on, you will see the screenshot below.


As you can see from the top left side in the screenshot above, it says, Location: Anywhere. This means that you can apply to and work on this job, no matter where in the world you live. On the right bottom side, you should see where it says “BIDDING STARTS HERE”. Type your proposal for the job in the text box and then click on Submit Proposal. The button should be right below there.

After you submit your proposal, then just wait for the job poster to message you. Watch out for a notification button on the top right section of the page. (see screenshot below).

You should see a red notification there, then you start working for the job poster. You can work and hire people on this website. One great tip you can use is to apply for work and if you get hired but you can’t do the work, you hire people again for the work for less than original price.  🙂 I do not recommend this, but it is a tip.

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    Sleek work you have here.

  2. Rockerstop says:

    Rockerstop is also best freelancing site in India.

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