What is An Advertising Network & Can You Earn Money From It?

Advertising network websites are websites that connect advertisers and publishers together. Advertisers are people who want to get their product, website etc to be seen by the world. Publishers are people who have a website or business place online, that gets lots of attention, eyeballs, and have many people viewing their website.

When you think about it properly, you will see that advertiser could also be publishers at the same time. They can occupy the two positions at the same time. For instance, I could be advertising my website on another publishers website while at the same time, displaying other peoples adverts on my website.

In the first case, I am an advertiser. But in the second case, I am a publisher. These things could be going on at the same period of time. So generally an advertiser could be a publisher. An advertising network simply connects people who want to show their website to the world, with people who have the needed audience.

Can You Earn Money From An Advertising Network?

Yes sure. You can either earn as a publisher or as the network owner. The advertiser only spends money on the advertising network, the owner earns and shares with the publishers for displaying the advertiser’s ads on their website.

In this post I am talking about earning as the advertising network owner. It is more profitable to earn as a business owner than working for the business. Advertising networks are great source of income. The more advertisers you attract to your network, the more money you can make. You can also implement a referral program where members of your network, both advertisers and publishers to refer advertisers to you, and get paid some percentage of advertisers expenses on your network.

With this I believe you understand how advertising networks earn money and how you can earn money by starting an advertising network.

How Much Can You Earn From Your Advertising Network?

There is no limit to how much you can earn from your advertising network. The more advertisers you have buying ad spaces, the more money you earn. Some of these advertising networks pay many of their members up to $1000 daily so you can estimate how much they earn to be able to payout such amounts daily.

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