What is A GPT OfferWall Survey Website And Can You Earn Money From it?

G.P.T stands for Get Paid To. A GPT/OfferWall/Survey Website is a website that pays people to complete different types of offers/tasks and surveys. Some of these offers/tasks include, signing up on websites, reading emails, downloading and installing mobile apps, watching short videos, taking quiz, surveys, play games, post on social media and more.

I am going to show you exactly hot to start your own GPT/OfferWall Website but in this post, I am just going to talk about what it is, and how you can earn money from it.

Can You Earn Money From GPT/OfferWall/Survey Website?

Yes, you can. There are many GPT websites out there that make lots of money form their website. Take for instance, Swagbucks, a well known typical GPT website, has paid it’s members over $314,405,747 ( over 314 million USD ) since it started.

It is 11 years old currently. That means swag bucks has generated way more than 314 million USD in just 11 years after it started. Swagbucks members earn up to $600 per month. This alone is enough to take care of some people in some countries.

There are  basically two ways to earn money online.

  1. Either your own a website and earn from it, or
  2. You work for websites and earn from them. 

Although I cover both ways in this website, my main aim, especially in this section,  is to show you how to start your own website, because the earning potential is much more lucrative, much more residual (earning steady from your previous years work, without doing any extra work.), and it feels great to have something you’re known for, something you can call your own 🙂 It feels great to contribute to the world. 🙂 It may also feel great to get your name known 🙂 .

For whatever reason yours may be, my aim is to show you how start your own website, run it, help the world and also help yourself profiting at least at least $100 a day from it. You will not need to learn web design. You will not need to know how to program at any level. All you will need to do is be willing to startup.

In GPT websites, you can earn money as a member or you can earn money as the owner of the website.


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