Webtalk – Better Alternative To Facebook That Pays You

Webtalk – Better Alternative To Facebook That Pays You

Webtalk is a social network just like Facebook. But the difference here is, Webtalk pays you for being part of the social network, in many ways. Did you know that Facebook earns up to $2 everyday for each of us using the website, but we don’t earn anything. They don’t share their revenue with us in anyway. This is why I like Webtalk.

Webtalk to me, is a better alternative to Facebook that pays you in many ways, and it is totally FREE to join.

Currently they already have up to 1,500,000 (1.5 Million) users, and they are growing fast and faster, everyday.

Also, Note that Webtalk is an invite only network. You  can only join through the invitation link of a member. For example, you can use my link, or you can search on google for another post on Webtalk, then use the person’s link.

Web talk promises to share 50% of their revenue with the first 1 million users. So if you refer people to them while they are still under 1 million members, you will earn commission 5 levels deep. But they have already reached that number of users. However, other users can still earn through many other ways which I will be showing below.

Also, Webtalk COULD be much more better than Facebook, at least, as they grow. This is because, Webtalk is like a combination of Facebook, Linkedin, and Amazon in one place. Web talk is for communication, just like every other social network, it is also for finding jobs, and also an online store.

The very first thing I noticed in Webtalk, that is not a feature of Facebook is, the ability to separate your contacts or friends list into professional contacts, personal contacts, and more.

Now when you want to share your posts, you can now chose who is going to see it. Yes it is true that Facebook has a similar feature but it is not the same. Here is how it is on facebook.

Facebook only has public, and friends. But webtalk is more organized in this aspect. Webtalk could be used as linkedin, and as facebook at the same time.

How To Earn Money Online With Webtalk

There are 3 different ways to earn money online from Webtalk.

1. Revenue Share

You will earn a share in the total revenue generated by webtalk, including adverts (when advertisers buy ads just like Facebook ads, you get a share), subscriptions (when users subscribe or upgrade for a particular feature on webtalk, you get a share of the money), marketplace (yes web talk is a marketplace too. You get a share of whatever revenue generated from the marketplace), and there are more. So just use the platform, and you will earn some money every single month from all the revenues generated on the platform.

2. Business Pages (Earn From Your Referrals Who Create One)

You will earn 10% commission for life from the expenses of anyone who you invite to the social network that creates a business page and runs ads. If you invite lots of people to this social network, you can create a forever residual income for yourself in the future.

Also the paid ads they are offering are very cheap compared to facebook, twitter and social networks, ad networks. It is $0.5 per 1000 ad impressions. Very cheap.

3. Buy Now Ads 

You will earn up to 10% for life if any one you invited to Webtalk, purchases a product. Just like people are buying through Facebook, every single day, you will surely have lots of people buying through this network, as it gets popular.

So sign up on this social network, and you will earn every month just for doing nothing. If you invite others to the platform, you will also earn more.

Visit Webtalk

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  1. Isaac Ubiomo says:

    Happy New Year
    How are you doing son?

  2. Sylvia Favero says:

    do they pay you if you read posts and like the posts and commenting on the posts?

    • dbundus says:

      I don’t think so but they do pay you if your referrals upgrade their plans in the network. They have multi level deep referral program, and the commissions are forever.

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