Warning! PropellerAds May Not Be Safe

Hello, In this post I am going talk about what I experienced. I signed up to an ad network called PropellerAds

Yes. That’s how it looks on the home page. I have been with this network for over a year or more. I like them because I heard they were the second best advertising network next to Google Adsense. I heard that they pay better than adsense, and they also had CPM on click and pop under ads.

Now here is the thing about propellerads that made me write this post. I created the on click native subscription ad. You know, that javascript pop up that ask you to allow this website send you notifications. You must have seen that in some websites you visit.

Then they gave me a file to upload to my website which will make the native subscription pop up show. First, I had to download the file to my desktop before upload. I did, and after that, Google Chrome browser gave me a warning, that this type of file is not safe, but on a second thought, I regarded it as false positive and ignored it. This is because I knew where the file was coming from, and besides, Propeller ads is very popular.

Why I Have Stopped Using PropellerAds

Then, here is what happened the next day. I have a security protection app on my website back end, and the next day. I got a serious warning. Critical issue, and when I clicked to check what it was. It said “The file sw.js (a file I downloaded from propeller ads) is very dangerous. It matches the same file they have detected from a previous hacker …. I mean, at this point, I had to hasten up and delete the file, and remove the ads. I didn’t even think twice about it anymore.

And when you are trying to download the file from propeller ads, it says beside it “This file is 100% safe”. Yes it says that but With No Guarantee. There is no link to a reputable scanning software, etc or whatever there.

Also, I am pretty sure they are not the only websites that offer native subscription pop up ads. So why would their own code be detected as malicious. Why? How about other networks that offer the same thing, with clean safe code approved by any security app.

Another thing that I disliked about this network is, one time I asked them of how to remove one of my website from their ad network, and they said It cannot be removed. So take note of that. Once you add your website to this network, it remains there forever. This is unlike some other networks that I have seen, where you can remove every information about your website with no problems at all.

So this is my decision from now.  I am not going to use propellerads again. I wouldn’t even take the risk of trying again. There are many other good networks out there. I will use those.

I also previously made a post about How To Make Money From Your Website In 5 Minutes – Best Advertising Network” and it was all about the same Propellerads. This is so you see how I like the network previously. I am now going to update it.

I do not know if the file is really false positive or not but why should I receive 2 warnings from security apps meant to protect website? Of course the apps no more than I do so. To me, It is not worth taking the risk. As simple as that.


Disclaimer : This is just my honest opinion from my experience in order to save some people from what I thought could be dangerous. You are free to use Propellerads if you are willing to take the risk. They have been in the business for long and popular too. However what I found was true. It’s your choice.

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