Types Of Website That Make Money

So you have made up your mind on what type of website you want to create, and why you want to create a website. You want to create one of the types of website that make money, at least enough to properly run and maintain the business and yourself.

If you are still in dilemma of what type of website you should create for yourself, please go back and read this: What Type Of Website Should I Create For Myself , then come back here and continue.

Here, I am going to presume that you want to earn money. So you want to build one of the types of website that make money by solving problem. Great!

You need to know about many of them so that you can choose which one you want to create, and that is exactly what I am going to show you in this post.

Types Of Website That Make Money

There are many types of website that make money and I am going to be showing you how to create any one of them that you want to own, in this website, even without knowing any thing about web design. 

But in this post, I will first just show you the types of website.


This is the type of website like the one you are reading right now. As the owner, your job is to teach people about a broad topic you are very much interested in.

You don’t necessarily have to know so much about the topic. You can learn as you grow.  Pat Flynn of SmartPassiveIncome made more than $300,000 USD in one month alone from his blog, and on average he makes $100,000 every month.

There are also thousands of bloggers making regular 5 figure income every month from their blog, ranging from $10,000 a month to $90,000. If they can, then why can’t you?

You just need to find out exactly what they are doing, and do the same, and most of them are willing to show you how, but at least you need to commit yourself and get started first. Read How To Start Your Own Blog

How Does A Blog Make Money?

There are many ways that a blog makes money, bust the simplest and easiest way is by monetizing it with ads (adverts), when you look on the two sidebars of this website on the right, you will see some banner ads.

I earn money per view on those banner ads. Every time someone looks at that banner, I get paid. I can also get more payment if the viewer clicks on the ad.

But this is just the basic way, there are many more ways to earn money from your blog and I have written a post on that. Read How To Earn Money From Your Blog In 10 Ways . 

GPT OfferWall Website

This is a website where members Get Paid To complete all sorts of tasks. These tasks could include clicking on adverts, links, taking surveys, watching videos, liking and following people on social media, reviewing products, there are so much more. There is no limit to the type of task you can add here. 

How Does A GPT Website Make Money?

GPT websites make money through advertisers. Advertisers are people who want to promote their business, want more people know about it, and want the people to take action.

These advertisers could be you or me. They are business owners, website owners, social media group owners, influencers, YouTube channel owners, and it doesn’t stop here.

As a GPT website owner, you will find these advertisers, they are almost everywhere online, provide them a cheap charge for advertising cost, that they can agree with. Then pay users who complete those tasks for the advertisers, with a smaller percentage of the funds from the advertisers, then keep the rest as profit and for running the business.

I will show you how to find these advertisers.

How To Find Advertisers For Your Website (Without Advertising Networks)

and that leads me to the next one,

Advertising Network Website

This is the type of website that connects publishers with advertisers. Publishers are people like me and you probably, who have blog websites and create blog posts like this one. Advertisers like I said before, are people who want to show their business to the world, and get more customers. 

How Does Advertising Network Make Money?

Advertisers sign up on these advertising networks, and submit their banner ads, pop under ads, and many other ad formats that display their business in an enticing way. They pay a fee to the advertising network for the ads.

Publisher sign up on these advertising networks, and choose the type of ad format they want to display on their website. The advertising network gives them a code to put on their website. They put the code, and the advertisers ads shows on the publishers website. 

Each time someone views or clicks the advertisers ad from the publishers website, the publisher gets paid.

Freelance Website

This is website where people buy and sell services. Some popular freelance websites are fiverr, upwork, peopleperhour, taskrabbit.

How Do Freelance Websites Make Money?

It is very simple. They simply charge a fee to buyers who post service or something they want to get done by freelancers. By the way, a freelancer is someone who works on a freelance website for anyone he wants. This freelancer is free to quit working for that person anytime he decides to not work again. 

So a service buyer posts the service on a freelance website with the amount he will pay for the job to be done (in fact he has already paid the money to the freelance website  managers). The a freelancer which could be me or you, joins the freelance website, sees this service, and accepts to do the job. He completes the job and gets paid by the freelance website.

Freelance websites also take some money from freelancers when they try to withdraw their earnings. They charge a small fee for processing the earnings, and this is profit for them.

Also some freelance websites charge freelancers for advanced membership. This advanced membership could offer the freelancers advantages to help them get more job easily.

Job Boards/Job Portal Website

This is the type of website where people go to look for jobs around their location, or remotely. A Job portal website lists available jobs with corresponding location and other needed information on it’s home page.

How Does Job Portal Websites Make Money?

As a job portal website owner, you main source of income is business owners. People who want to create a website, people who need virtual assistance, people who need social media group manager, and virtually any type of job that could be done by people both online and offline. 

You can offer them different plans on your website.

A free plan where they are allowed to create only 10 job posts in a month.

A paid plan where they can post unlimited number of jobs every month, and probably some extra features like showing their job opportunities to people first before the free plan members. There are more ways to earn money with a job portal website, but this is just a tip.

Social Networking Website

Should I say more about this? 🙂 You probably know what a social network is. If you use facebook, then you use a social network. If you use twitter, then you use a social network. If you use linkedin, then you use a social network. If you use pinterest, then you use a social network.  There are many of them around.

How Does Social Network Website Make Money?

Ok. Did you know that Facebook makes $19 from you everyday. Facebook makes $19 from every user. Then calculate how much users are on Facebook, and you should be able to estimated their daily earnings.

Social network websites make money through advertisers. While you are scrolling on your friends post on Facebook, sometimes you come across posts that weren’t from your friends and seems like commercials. Right? Those things are adverts from advertisers, and are called sponsored posts.

These advertisers pay Facebook to create targeted posts for them. Facebook has a very strong algorithm to detect what a users likes to see. For example. If you visit a shopping website online, and buy a phone today, the next time you log in on Facebook and scroll, you will see a phone advert, sponsored post shown to you. 

In fact, Facebook can display a post to you from the same website that you bought something from, and on the same type of thing you purchased.

They use cookies (pixels) for this, and if you change your browsing habit, they change it too on their side.

Payment Processor Website

This is the type of website that helps you to transfer money from online to your local bank account, in your local currency. This type of website could also exchange money from one currency to another. So currency exchanger website falls under this type too.

For example in cryptocurrency, these type of websites help you to exchange money from one cryptocurrency to another.

How Does Payment Processor Website Make Money?

They simply take a fee from their users for processing their transactions. They take a percentage cut, for rendering the service. They chose what percentage they want. 

Video Sharing Website

This is just like YouTube. If you have been on YouTube, then you know what a Video Sharing Website is. It is a website where people upload videos and people come there to watch the videos.

How Does Video Sharing Website Make Money?

Video sharing website makes money through the same advertising model I have been mentioning in this post. When you want to watch a YouTube video, you will see an unwanted video that plays first an tells you to Skip it after 5 seconds. Right? That is an ad from an advertiser.

The advertiser pays YouTube for that. Even in the middle of the video, some banner adverts still appear. YouTube earns money for all those ads. If you click on them, YouTube earns more money.

Some channels on YouTube are making 2100 every day. So you can imagine how much YouTube itself makes per day to be able to pay the owners of these channel such amount daily.

Classified Ads Website

If you know about ebay, then you know what a classified ads website is. Classified ads website is a website where people list items they want to sell. This could be anything thing both physical like vehicles, electronics, etc or digital, like ebooks, softwares, etc.

How Does Classified Ads Website Make Money?

Classified ads website makes money through ad packages and plans. They have a free plan for all members, and they also have paid plans where you can get your ads seen by more people easily. I personally had a classified ads website before I started this website.

They also make money with sponsored adverts from businesses, which they manually place in strategic places on their website. They could charge the advertiser a certain amount of $ per 1000 clicks on the ads.

Search Engine Websites

Of course you probably found this website through google, or yahoo search or bing or duck duck go, or may be through other search engines. If you know google, then you already know what a search engine website is.

Search engine websites are basically websites where people go to search for information they need online.

How Does Search Engine Website Make Money?

Ok. When you go to google next time and search for something, simply look at the first results on the top. You will see something tiny beside them on the left, that says “Ad”. You will find this just beside the green URL to the website.

Google gets paid every time you see those ads, and if you click on it, they earn more. Google earns more than $100,000,000 ($100 million) daily. This is public information. 

Web Hosting Websites

First off, this website is hosted on a webs host. Without web hosts, you cannot access any website on the internet. Web hosting websites are websites that power up millions of other websites on the web.

These websites provide the bandwidth, drive space for storage of files, and security for the websites they host. Most of these companies have external buildings filled with high capacity computers.

How Does Web Hosting Website Make Money?

This is very clear. They make money simply by charging their customers for the services they offer.

These customers of course are long term customers so they will always renew their hosting plans, and the hosting website makes more money each time this happens.

There are many more types of website that make money but, this post is getting too long. So these are 10 of them.


In future, I may add more.

Now that you have known what type of website you want to create. You may also want to get started. 

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