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Surfe.Be will earn you money in many ways, and will also help you get a lot of traffic to your website. But first, I want to explore how you can earn with Before I continue, I am intrigued by the very low minimum withdrawal of this website which is just $0.03. You can easily reach this, using the earning methods below. Just read on.

By the way here is your beautiful dashboard

Payment Methods

PAYEER, WebMoney, AdvCash, Monero.

So here are the methods to earn with.

  1. Install their extension and earn from banner display (they have extension for almost all major browsers)
  2. Watch Videos
  3. Sell Traffic
  4. Visit Other Websites
  5. Invite Referrals (Up to 10 levels deep referral system)

So has combined all these systems into one for you, and if you are serious, you can earn a great substantial income with this website alone, if you apply even just few of the methods. I am going to break the methods down and explain more below.

Before I continue I would like to show the the trust rating of this website as I found on Scamadviser. It has a 100% Trust score rating there, and it has been around for more than 4 years as I am writing this so it can be reliable.

1. Install Extension

Once you install extension on your browser, as you browse, you will see banner ads just placed nicely at the bottom of your screen. It is not obtrusive. Here is an example of how it looks on your screen. will pay you 50% of the amount of money paid by the advertiser for impressions (just in case you are new to all these, impression simply means views on the ad).

For example, the cheapest advertiser could pay for 1000 impressions on the ad is $0.02 for 1000 views on the banner ad. It could be more than that, and also remember you will not be viewing ads from only one advertiser but many. So some may pay more than that, but lets assume they paid the cheapest, and you installed the extension.

While you are browsing, every page you view is a new impression on the ad. So if you surf 1000 pages, the lowest you will earn is $0.01. It could be more. Meanwhile, you are just doing what you normally do. Browsing, and you earn from it. This is just number one, and not even one of the best ways to earn with them. Let’s move ahead to the second.

Also don’t forget you can also use this method to promote your website, banner ads or links too, and get website traffic.

and is offering a free trial to advertisers.

Join To Advertise

2. Watch Videos

So while you are earning for browsing, you can also watch videos and earn. Here is an example of some videos in their system you can watch and earn. Most of the videos have very short duration.

If you have a great captivating video on YouTube or anywhere that you want people to watch, you can use this system to promote the video as an advertiser. The best suitable type of video would be earning videos however, you are not limited.

3. Sell Traffic (Earn With Your Website)

I like this one so much. If you have a website, then you can also earn with just by placing their banners on your website. You will earn money from your visitors impressions or click. That means you will earn from both.

Once they see the banner, you will earn money. If they click on it, you will still earn money and probably more.

So is like an advertising network too.  To get the banners, you just have to add your website by clicking the add website button as in screenshot below, then follow the rest of the instruction.

Man, considering the low cash out amount of this network which is just $0.03. I will try them out. I like to withdraw my earnings as soon as possible.

4. Visit Other Websites

This is usual with other similar networks. pays you to visit other websites. Advertisers pay for impressions on their website because they want to get website traffic and you earn part of what they pay when you visit the websites.

5. Invite Referrals

This one is huge, and if you do it right, you could create a passive income for yourself with . Why is it huge? has a referral system of 10 levels deep. Let me explain. First, you can refer advertisers, and you can refer earners. These are the two types of users we have at Note that an advertiser can also be an earner, and an earner can also be an advertiser at the same time.

In the same way, some advertisers will not be interested in earning from there, and some earners will not be interested in advertising there. Understood? Ok. will give you a link to share to people and refer them to join They will give you two links. One for referring advertisers who want to get traffic to their website, and the second for referring earners who want to earn money from website. Look at the two links below.

The left link is for referring advertisers, and the link on the right is for referring earners.

Referring Advertisers

You earn 10% of whatever any advertiser you refer to pays for their adverts.

If he keeps using for adverts and keep paying for adverts, you keep earning from that single advertiser alone. The more you refer, the more you earn. Isn’t that very cool. That’s called passive income.

Referring Earners

This one is the biggest part.  Using the link on the right. Share it, and you will earn 5% of what all your referrals earn, 5% of what all the people who your referrals refer earned, and it continues like this till 10 levels deep. 🙂

So for example if you refer an earner who has a website, gets hundred thousands of views or millions, and he places the banner on his website, you can create a huge passive income with this, because his visitors don’t even need to click on the banner before he earns, and you earn. Also remember this is 10 levels deep. So I didn’t even include, if your earner referral refers others.

Also if you refer people who just install the extension and earn with banners displaying on the bottom of their browser while they browse, you will also earn as they earn too. If they refer other people, your earning increases. If you know them or you can reach them, you can help them refer more people to as they will be earning much more too, and so will you. It’s a win-win 🙂

And It’s Not Over Yet…

There’s another thing on called “The Business Machine”.

The Business Machine

You can advertise your referral link inside the advertising network using the money you earned from installing the extension which shows banners, or from money you earned with the banner impressions generated on your website. So the system will automatically create a banner ad with your referral link, and put it in rotation system.

This referral link could be link to any website you want. You just have to click on the green “Activate” button to activate this Business Machine system, when you are inside website.

Join To Earn

Join To Advertise

See Other Websites That Will Pay You For Browsing

If you notice any change, in how system works in the future, and you are reading this, please let me know in the comment section below. I will be very happy to update it. As of now, all information are ok.

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