Start Your Own Advertising Network Today Without Coding

So you have seen what an advertising network is and seen that it is possible to earn money from it. Now I am going to show you how to start your own advertising network. If you still want to refresh your memory on what an advertising network is, and if you can earn money from it, please read: What Is An Advertising Network & Can You Earn Money From it?

Ok let’s continue. So now you want to start your advertising network, but you don’t know how to program, design websites and other things you are worried about. You don’t need to worry about anything. You can start and run your own advertising network today without having to know how to program or design websites. Simply follow the instructions below and you will do it.

We are going to use ProAds ScriptGo to Codester (click on the red link). You should come to this page below.

You simply need to download and install this script on your web host and your job is done. You now have an advertising network for  yourself which you run. There is no need to know how to program or how to design a website to own and run and advertising network or any website today.

ProAds Script Front End And Back End User Interface

Let’s take a look at how your website will look on the front end and back end after you have successfully installed the script.

Front End

Scrolling down…

Back End – The Admin Panel

This will be the panel where you will be controlling everything that goes on on the website.

To purchase this script, visit ProAds and click on Buy Now. Please refer to the first image above for clarity.

When you arrive at the page, you can scroll down to read more about the many features of this script and also view a live demo of how the script works.

How To Install The ProAds Advertising Network Script

1.Upload ZIP FILES to your host and unzip

2.Open Your website & Complete Installation

3.Create Admin Profile, That’s it!

You can find this, and more instructions when you visit the page from the link above. It is very simple to install in just 3 steps.

That is how you can start your own advertising network like google adsense, propellerads, and some of the popular ad networks today. You don’t need to know how to code or design any website to start your own ad network company today and creative a large income stream for yourself.

Most people make easy hundreds of $$$ per day with google adsense and other popular ad networks. Aparently this implies that these adnetworks make a huge revenue every day. You can start your own advertising network today without much hassle, without knowing how to code or anything.

Everything has been done for you. It is pretty much easier today than in the past when you have to learn how to design a website or hire someone who knows how to do it. You don’t need that anymore. Simply follow the instructions above and you can start your own advertising network today.

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