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Welcome to, Do you want to be a millionaire and enjoy financial freedom? If yes, then stick with me because I can help you achieve your dream.
Bookmark this website right now, so that you can always come back later because I will be showing you many great ways and ideas on how to acheive your dream.

First off, if you are anything like me, then you don’t want to settle for the mediocre lifestyle. You want to be super rich and even better, you don’t want to work for the rest of your life. Did you know that this is very possible?

Did you know that you can be earning hundred thousand dollars every month ($100,000) without doing anything? I call it “Earn Money While You Sleep”. Yes it is very much possible, and when you achieve that, in a year you will be making 1.2 million USD. ($1,200,0000) and how is that possible?

Well, there are websites and companies that will pay you up to $5,000 to refer a friend to them, and even better, there are some that will keep paying you over and over again for lifetime just for referring one friend.

Like I said before, Bookmark this website right now, because I will be showing you exactly how to do it. You will only need to do two things, and I am not here to tell you what others say like Believe in yourself, blah blah blah. I am going to tell you exactly what you must do in a blunt way. The two things you must do are:

1. Put in The Work
2. Never Give Up Until You Reach The Goal

As simple as that. If you are willing to do that, then read ahead and let me show you exactly how to do it.

How To Do It

This is the main question and it is a very big one but I am going to try and simplify it. There are Basically two ways to make money online.
1. Working For Yourself.
2. Working For Someone else.

This website is about the both ways but the main focus of this website is on number 1 and the main focus of this post is on number 1. In this post I am talking about How to Make Millions Online Working For Yourself. 1. How To Make Money Online Working For Yourself.

The cold truth is that there is no way you can make money in the world working for yourself (in the real meaning of working for yourself), because you cannot sell something to yourself or buy your own product, and even if you are selling your product or service, you are selling it to other people who need it which means that you are working for
them. You must work for someone else. What working for yourself actually means here is that you will be Working Without a Boss.

  • You own and run the business.
  • You are the Boss.
  • You work when you want.
  • You sleep when you want.
  • There is no fear of being fired or losing your job.
  • You can take your business to any level you want.
  • You are in charge of all the profit that you receive from your work, and spend it how you like, and so on and so forth.
    There are many advantages here. Too many to be listed.

Working for yourself can also be done in two ways.
1. You could become a marketer, promote other peoples product and get paid for it.

2. You could create a very useful product that you are selling, create an affiliate program and have people promote that product for you while you share with them some
percentage of any profit they bring to you.

In this post I am talking about number 1. Becoming an affiliate marketer, promoting other peoples products, and getting paid for it.
Affiliate marketing is a very serious money making business.
From my 8 years of experience, I concluded that Affiliate marketing is the Cheapest Best and Easiest Way To Start a Million Dollar Business Online Without Spending Any Money. Why? Because you don’t even need a website to start.

All you need to do is sign up to websites that have affiliate programs and get your affiliate link, then share it to people, and you will start making money. Even though that is very possible, you will need to create a website to show that you are serious. in fact, if you are really serious, you should create a website, build your audience and turn them into customers by making good quality reviews of products that will help them.

Affiliate marketing is reciprocal. The more you give, the more you get.
To not make this any longer, I’ll go in to basic steps of how to start affiliate marketing, what you should do right now, just right after you read this post.


Step 1
Choose a Blogging Niche.

Choose what niche you will like to be talking about on your blog. You need to think about this very well before you begin. You need to choose a blogging niche that relates to the products you will be promoting. You also need to choose a very popular evergreen niche that will have lots of people searching for a topic on it daily and almost all the

Check out The Best Popular, Evergreen Blogging Niches For Starting a Million Dollar Blog Here

For example you could choose Web Hosting as a Niche, and your whole blog will be about everything that has to do with hosting, running and maintaining a website. In this case can promote any product that helps in hosting running and maintaining websites. This is just an example. You need to think about something you are really interested in.
As for me, I like money and not just money but BIG Money. That is why this website is about How To Start a Business, Make Money, and Be Free.

Step 2
Create a Website

I have previously mentioned the reason you need to have a website as an affiliate marketer, but besides that, Many websites and companies that have affiliate program would like to look at your website, where you will be promoting their products, before giving you an affiliate link, and if you don’t have a website, you will be missing out on many
great affiliate programs out there. I suggest creating a blog.

You could create a product review blog, a tutorial blog, an entertainment blog, there are many niches or topics
you could chose from, and which ever one you chose, there are affiliate programs in it that you can promote. I have given some examples in step 1.

Go to DREAMHOST and get a domain name, and a hosting space to host your website, install your WordPress and set up your website. This is very easy. You are not going to be designing a website, you are simply going to install WordPress.

Step 3
Create a YouTube Channel

This is absolutely very important. YouTube is the number 2 most visited website in the whole World Wide Web after Google. Besides that people love to watch videos. You will be making product reviews. Don’t worry if you don’t want to show your face or use your voice in a camera. You could still make quality product reviews video content on
YouTube videos without your face, your voice, and a camera.

Learn How To Make Videos On YouTube Without Using A Camera Or Your Voice

Step 4
Start Creating Good and Unique Content That Answers Real Questions People Have

This is the main part. Content is King. Start writing blog posts that will help people. Find good products and review them. When you write a blog post, also make a video about the topic and upload it to your YouTube Channel.

This should be easy because you already know what to say on your YouTube video, because you have already written a blog post about the subject. You just have to get what to say from the blog post you have already written.

It is important that you give your honest and unbiased review of the product. This will gain you trust, and more readers. Once you have loyal readers, you could influence their buying decisions. You could leverage that trust and influence their buying decisions, and what happens when they buy? You earn.

You don’t just earn once, You keep earning each time they renew their product subscription, if it is a subscription based product, and that is where the beauty of affiliate marketing is. TO ME, THE BEAUTY OF AFFILIATE
MARKETING IS IN THE RESIDUAL INCOME. Residual income is when you continue to get paid even after work is done.

Learn How To Write Great and Unique Content That Bring Readers Back To Your Blog


Step 5
Create Social Media Accounts For Your Website and YouTube Channel

Now it is time to promote and rank your blogging website and YouTube channel. Create a social media account on all the major social media accounts you can manage. I suggest Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, but you could create as many as you like. The most important thing is to be able to grow and manage them to get more readers from them.

You may be thinking it will be hard for you to post your content on all popular social media, but It is actually VERY EASY. You can automate the process, with these software.

List of Best Software To Automate Your Social Media Posts and Management



Learn How To Easily Grow Your Social Media Accounts and Automate Your Posts Here – Coming Soon.

This step is all about tapping traffic from already popular websites. If you are lying on the floor, it could easy to lift yourself up by yourself but it would definitely be very much easier if someone else who is already up helps you lift yourself up.
Picture that with social media. These websites already have multi millions if not billions of people using them daily. If you can just grab 1% of that audience everyday and let them see your content, and if you have great content that they love, You could make millions sooner than you think.

So Basically, whenever you create a blog post, and a youtube video, you make sure you share them on all your social media accounts too.

To make this very easy for you, you need to use the automated mentioned above.

Learn How To Easily Grow Your Social Media Accounts and Automate Your Posts Here – Coming Soon.

Step 6 (Final Step)
Rank Your Website and Your YouTube Channel With SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The moment you do this step, You will definitely start seeing big money rolling in. This step is all about getting your content appearing first when people search on google or on YouTube for anything related to a content that you made, either a blog post or video.

Like I said before, Google is the number 1 most visited website on the internet and YouTube is number 2. Currently,

As I am writing this post, Google processes over 40,000 search queries every second on average, which translates to over 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide and as for YouTube, the total number of hours of video watched on YouTube each month is 3.25 billion. 10,113 YouTube videos generated over 1 billion views. The average number of mobile YouTube video views per day is 1,000,000,000.

So You see, There is a GREAT OPPORTUNITY HERE to easily get your content seen DAILY by at least 10,000 people or more, even from the first week, you start to create content, and of course when 10,000 people read your
content, you are guaranteed to make at least 10 sales. This is just a rough estimate. It could be much more, and here is why.

Search engine traffic converts a lot because the visitors were actively searching for that topic, because they were really in need of it, and wanted to take action. It converts way better than social media traffic, where the people were not searching for anything and just come across your content by chance.

They may not be interested in your the particular topic of your content at that moment. But if you get traffic through search engine, It converts at least 50% or more because the visitors are really in need of something you have at that moment and searched for it through google to find your content.

You should not be surprised if you get up to 1,000 sign ups or sales or conversion from just 10,000 visits from search engine traffic, and 1,000 is just 10% of the traffic. Search Engine Traffic could convert up to 50%.

Remember like I said in the beginning of this post that some companies and products who have affiliate program will pay you up to $5000 for you to refer a friend. Majority of them pay up to $50 and it is very common to find them.

Lets say you complete this step and do the search engine optimization and rank your website, and your YouTube channel to the first page of google, you are guaranteed to be getting more than 10,000 visits per day to your website. As for YouTube, you could be getting hundreds of thousands of views. This is majorly because of 2 things.

1. People prefer to watch videos more than they prefer to read.
2. Google shows YouTube videos first in search results when you search for any topic. If there is a video on that topic, it will be ranked first in google before any blog post.

There could be more reasons why your YouTube video views could be more than your website views but it all depends on which one you take more serious. Your website could also be getting more visitors more than your YouTube videos. It all depends on which one you take more seriously but basically google favors YouTube videos more than blog posts.

So say you created a content and have products in it that you get paid $50 for when you bring visitors to buy the product, and you created the content both on your blog and on your YouTube which you ranked very well to the first page of both search engines.

Lets say you get 10,000 readers every day from google out of all the billions of people visit google everyday to search for a topic, and lets say you get 10,000 views only from your YouTube videos, then you just got 20,000 visitors who read and watched your content from pure search engine traffic, which converts very well, even up to 50%.

Let’s say you only got 1% conversion from the 20,000 visitors altogether, that means you got 200 conversions(200 people who signed up and/or purchased the product from your website and from your video content). YOU JUST MADE $10,000 IN ONE DAY FROM ONE PRODUCT. And this could be monthly recurring income.

SO TO MAKE $1K A DAY, YOU WILL ONLY NEED 0.1% CONVERSION FROM THE TRAFFIC. 0.1% of 20,000 visitors will give you 20 visitors. So all you need is only 20 visitors out of the 20,000 visitors to make $1k a day, from an affiliate program or product that pays you $50 per sale. 

You may not achieve this in a day, but this is very very much feasible in a year. In fact, if you take it seriously, you can achieve it before a month. And remember it could turn to monthly recurring income.

But you don’t really have to worry about that, because I can guarantee you of one thing. The moment you start making success with this, you will get addicted to it, and you would go from 20 sales to 40, to 60 and onward.

The more more sales you make, especially with a monthly recurring income product, the more money you make. And the more chances you have to get recurring monthly payments from your previous sales. It only keeps getting better and better.

This may sound unbelievable to you, but it is real. There are already people making more than this amount of money from affiliate marketing.

I suggest again that you bookmark this page now. Read this post again for guidance whenever you need to remember something. If you have confusion, read the post again and again and you will start to see how feasible this is.


It is not even that hard, it is really all about your mindset if you ask me.
Remember the two things I said that you need in the begining of this post.

1. Put in The Work.
2. Never Give Up Until You Reach The Goal.

Learn How To Optimize and Rank Your Blog Posts To The First Page of Google With SEO Here – Coming Soon.
For Your YouTube Channel,
Learn How To Rank Your YouTube Videos To The First Page of YouTube Search Here – Coming Soon.

Hold This in Mind

1. Put in The Work.
2. Never Give Up Until You Reach The Goal.

If you are not going to do these two things, then you have just wasted your time. Don’t let that happen. Instead, Let this be the post that changed your life.

Hope This Helped You

Thank you for reading. I hope this helped you discover how you can start making hundreds of thousands of dollars online from today, right after you finish reading this post, and become the millionaire that you will be someday in the future.

If you follow the instructions in this post carefully, you will probably become a millionaire but it all depends on how you take your business.
If this helped you, please put leave a comment in the comment section below. I will really appreciate it. Share your thoughts on how you feel about this or ask any question that you have.

I would really love to hear from you and answer your questions. If you would like to read this idea again later or come back for more ideas,please bookmark this page by clicking on the star icon in your browser.

Share the link to this page on social media to help your friends who may be looking for a good post on how to make money online. Thank you and have a great day.

If you spot any mistake in this article or if there is any improvement you think is adding, please mention it in the comment section below. It will help and I appreciate that.

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  1. Isaac Ubiomo says:

    Keep up the good work. The sky is your starting point

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      Thanks Daddy. Amidst all my flaws, and the misunderstandings, my attitude, you still cope with me. I hope to have a chance one day to show you tangible gratitude the much I can. Thanks again.

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      Hello Atsu. Thanks for coming. You don’t have to join anything. This is not get rich quick scheme. You just have to start affiliate marketing, and I assure you, it is very possible to earn $10,000 a day doing it.

      Here is basically how to start. Chose a Niche (Topic) you are interested in, and also has market, create your website, and then find products in that niche that are very helpful, work great and are very reliable.

      Make review of those products. There are thousands of great companies out there, on all niches that will reward you forever just for bringing a single customer to them. Also There are millions of people searching google everyday looking to get convinced about which product to use. Recommend these products to them from your experience.

      Out of the millions of people searching google everyday, If you can get just around 500 loyal users to a product, you will be earning around $5,000 to $10,000 everyday, when you divide your monthly income.

      And one of the best ways to do this, like I mentioned in the article is Rank High In Google, which will take some time. I hope this helped you understand more. Thanks for coming through.

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