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Hello, welcome to Today I am going to talk about NeoBux

NeoBux (Since 2006)  is a very popular and well known PTC (Paid To Click) website where you can get paid to click ads. You simply click on ads to earn money. Now you cannot get rich by doing this, we all know that, but you definitely can earn a few dollars every day.

How It Works

NeoBux offers many other ways to earn money.  They have a mini jobs section, survey section, games section, and offer section. This means you basically can earn money with neobux in 4 ways, by doing mini jobs, by taking surveys, by playing games, and by doing offers.

I have gone to the mini jobs section, and they have simple jobs like product categorization, which pays 3 cents. Other mini jobs below it pay 1 cents on completion. These jobs are so easy and simple to do, and anyone can do it.

During my experience, the mini jobs section had mini jobs coming from figure-eight. Here is what figure-eight says on their website “We Make AI Work in the Real World. Our Human-in-the-Loop Machine Learning platform transforms unstructured text, image, audio, and video data into customized high quality training data“.

On the games section, the reward per game session is $0.001 and the minimum game play time should be 2 minutes. You can play less, but you won’t be credited. They have up to 250 game sessions per 24 hours. So playing the 250 games should earn you about $0.25 cents, chump change, but you are just playing games,  enjoying yourself.

It will also take you 8 hours to complete 250 games for 2 minutes in each game.  Rewards are instantly credited to your main balance.

On the offers section, they have videos, surveys, shopping, free trials, sign ups and mobile apps.

Hold This In Mind

You are not going to get rich doing this but, you can quickly and easily make a few $ dollars today!

How To Earn More Money

To earn more money, simply join many more websites like neobux. There are many of them and you can find some here. So after you have finished with neobux for the day, you can visit these other websites and work on them too.

Using 5 to 10 websites like neobux everyday can earn you a substantial amount of money every month. It may not make you rich, but you can save up the money for something special. I am also starting a GPT website called PaidPoints very soon, and I will do my best to add many ways to earn on it. It may have started by the time you are reading this so you may want to check it out. 🙂

Have Something To Say?

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Thank you and have a great day 🙂 .

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