Make Money With Video Production Online (8 Ways To)

Make Money Online With Video Production

Video production is a great way to make money online. In fact, it is one of the best ways to earn passive income online. A lot of people are already doing it.

What is Video Production?

Before I write long sentence or maybe bogus word trying to define it, let me just put it in a way that should be very simple to understand.

You see the guys that make videos on YouTube? remember all those videos that you watch? that’s video production, and those guys are making a killing with it. They are making money online everyday from all those videos they upload on YouTube each time you watch it. That just as simple as it is.

Video production is all about creating video contents for an audience that will love it, including all the things you have to do to get the video perfect the way you want. Things like cutting and joining timelines, adding music to the background, adjusting brightness, effects, etc.

Like I said before, It is a great way to make money online and many people are already making lots of money with it.

In this post I am going to share with you 8 ways make money online with video production. If you have chosen to make money with video production method, or you are still thinking about it, then here are 8 ways you can make money with video production online.

8 Ways To Make Money With Video Production Online

1. Creating Video Contents on websites like YouTube, Vimeo

Yeah right. Did you know that some people are making more than $10,000 USD per day on YouTube? Notice I said per day not per month. Yes some people are making that amount of money per day on YouTube.

For example Pewdipie of youtube makes about $7.50 per 1,000 views on his YouTube videos. But he easily gets up to 5 million views or even more per day. Calculate how much he could be making a day from his YouTube videos.

See How To Start Your Own YouTube Channel And Get Subscribers and Views

2.  Editing, Cutting and Joining Videos For Video Creators Like Youtubers

If you don’t want to start your own YouTube channel, then at least you can help make the job easier for YouTubers. Honestly, YouTube is a full time job for some and it takes a lot of time for some of  the YouTubers to make the videos, edit and upload them all by themselves, especially for those who upload lengthy or complex videos.

You can find a growing YouTuber and offer him your professional skills on this, and who knows, you may become permanently employed if he likes your skills. He pays you from his YouTube earnings. And it’s very easy to learn the skills, from the same YouTube platform.

There are lots of awesome and complete video editing tutorials sitting there on YouTube for FREE.

3. Creating Video Intros For Video Creators Like YouTubers & Co

If you feel like you don’t have the skill that it takes to do video editing and you don’t want to go and learn it for free on YouTube, then can easily create video intros for YouTubers. There are some software that will help you do this easily in a short time, without knowing any skill. Top 10 Software For Creating YouTube Video Intros Quickly (coming soon).

4. Creating Short Animated Intros For Startup Companies

Just in the same way, you create YouTube Intros for YouTubers, you could also find new startups who would like to do a video marketing, or have a short and sweet explanatory video of their product on their website, and offer them your service.

Of course a lot of new startups would certainly love and need this idea, and I will show you where you can find many new startups that are starting up every day, including today. How And Where To Find New Startups & Companies (coming soon)

5. Creating Sponsored Product Reviews For  Startup Companies on Your Popular Channel

If you have a YouTube channel that is already very popular or at least a bit popular without few thousands of subscribers, I can bet you that a lot of new startup companies and even those already in business will love you to make a video review of their product on your YouTube channel.

Using the link above on “How And Where To Find New Startups & Companies” you can find these companies and offer them your services. Not only will you find new startup companies there, but you can also find already existing ones. When you get to these websites, look on the bottom right side for live chat application where you can talk live with them, or look for their contact link or email at the footer of their website.

6. Creating Video Courses For Professionals In a Subject Using their provided material

Running a business is actually time consuming because there are many things involved at times and because of that, most of the entrepreneurs usually don’t have enough time to create video courses for their for their business This where you come in. With your video skills, you could offer to create outstanding videos for these individuals.

They will offer you their course details in text document. Everything you will have to say in the video course will be written there, and all you have to do will be to verbalize them properly. It is preferable to do video courses on topics that you are also very much invested and interested in too. This way you could have passion for what you do and create good video courses.

You create these video courses for them, put it on some top platforms very popular for video courses. People who are interested in these courses make a purchase and the entrepreneurs earn their bucks from it. You get paid right after creating the video course. So when they make profit from your work, they keep all of it for themselves.

Here are some great tools you can use to easily create video courses (coming soon)

If no text was provided for you and they want you to create it from scratch, then don’t worry. Here are some tools to provide you with pure orginal articles and explanations on any topic (coming soon). You can use this for the course. However, I suggest you charge more for your service if you are going to be creating the course from scratch

Here are some top popular platforms for uploading and selling video courses (coming soon). 

7. Creating Anime Videos For Anime Movie Companies

Yes, you can create anime videos for movie companies or work with them. You can find many of the anime movie companies here and here too.  Here are some great tools for creating anime videos easily (coming soon).

8. Starting Your Own Video Content Website Like YouTube

It is not hard at all to start up your own video website like YouTube. You may be thinking it will be difficult because you don’t know how to program websites, and you don’t have enough money to hire someone to create a professional video website like YouTube for you. But, you don’t have to worry about all that.

It is very easy. In fact, I can set up the website for you myself. If you need me to do it, simply click here Let’s Set Up Your Website For You. But I am also going to show you how to do it by yourself if you want to. See How To Start Your Own YouTube Video Content Website (coming soon).

So those are my 8 ways to make money with video production online. There should be more ways definitely. If you know a method to make money with video production online which is not included here, you can comment below, and I will add it.

Also feel free to leave your comments below if you have any question or something else you want to say.



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