Make Money In Many Ways With PPD Website is a Pay Per Download (PPD) file sharing website that pays you money for every 1000 downloads you receive on your files. Besides that, pays you in many other ways and I will be explaining those ways below.

If you have a need to store your information safely, or share your files with friends, team, students or colleagues, then is a great way to do that, and also get paid for it.

Why You Should Use PPD

Here are some advantages of joining

Ad – Free Experience With Smooth Download & No False Links is completely ad free. Unlike other file uploading and sharing websites that display annoying pop-ups to your users when they want to download your files, is simply ad-free, and does not show any annoying ads or pop-ups while your users download your files. It is a smooth experience.

Also, you don’t experience false links while downloading files with

Refer Your Friends And Earn 20% Of Their Profits Forever!

When you refer your friends to and they earn money from their downloads, you will earn 20% of whatever amount they earn, each time they earn money. You can build a complete passive income with this.

Passive income is where you keep earning money from your previous referrals in future, without extra work.

Below this post, I will have a link on how and where to find referrals for file uploading websites.

Get Paid $2 To Write An Article About

You can quickly hop on this opportunity and earn yourself a quick $2. is paying you $2 to write a post about them.

Get Paid $5 To Create A Video About

Another great opportunity here. is paying you $5 to create a video talking about them. You can upload this video on YouTube and also share it on social media. You can also get your friend who owns a YouTube channel to do this, and he will profit from it.

After completing the tasks, send a link of your article/video to via tickets and you will get paid.

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What Type Of Files Can You  Host On PPD

You can host text files, documents, images, videos, audio and flash on the same page.

How Much Can You Earn With PPD

There is actually no limit. It depends on how many times your files were downloaded, the size of the file and the country from where the files were downloaded.  If your files are downloaded from countries like USA and Russia, your earnings will be higher. The higher your file sizes are, the higher your earnings are too.

To make it clearer, here is a typical example. Let’s say you uploaded 10 files as a free user of 55 MB and these files were downloaded 1000 times in one day. You will earn $30 that day. If you can do the same for 30 days you will earn $900 in one month 🙂 . Isn’t that very cool?

Look at these screenshot to see the countries and how much you can earn when your file is downloaded from them.

Minimum Withdrawal : $1

Payment Methods: Paypal, Webmoney, Moneybookers, Alertpay, Plimus

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How To Use

From the home page, Sign Up on (Recommended so that you can participate and receive payments for all the tasks above.) confirm your email if required, then log in to your account and click on “Upload Files”.

or simply click on the “Start Uploading Now” button from the home page if you don’t want to sign up. This will take you to the upload page.

Then click on the circled area below to choose your file for upload.

After that, you can click on the options button below to set some options.

Here some options you can configure while uploading your files.

Notice that you can also add more files.

Now when you are set simply click on the blue “Start uploading” button on the right to upload your file(s).

Bam! Your files are successfully uploaded! You can see the direct link.

There are also some other link options below. Here they are. Premium Plans

You can also upgrade to one of the following premium plans on to get a better service.

View more info about the Premium Plans here: Premium Plans

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