Make Easy And Fast Money With BTC Even If You Are A Newbie

Watch the video below to see how I made 4 BTC in just about 10 minutes from Bitsler

I found the video, and followed it, and it worked for me.  To watch the video in full screen click play, then click on the small square icon on the right side, bottom of the video. Press Esc (escape) on your keyboard to return to normal view, and read on.

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Read the post completely to understand very well how this works. I have explained it in a way that you should easily understand how to do it.


I am going to introduce you to a way you can make easy and fast money in just few minutes starting from today.  First thing you need to do is relax and read this properly. You may have watched the video above, but reading this post will help you understand very well, how it all works. It will help you understand more about what you see in the video.

You can make up to $500 or more in just few minutes with this. I did it by myself. I made about $500 about four times (about $2000) in under 10 minutes total, and I will show you proof as you read this post. It is also verifiable. This is going to be a comprehensive detailed very long post, that will include even videos to help you clearly understand it. The video you have seen above is just one of them. Also, it will be updated from time to time. So I suggest you bookmark the page if you need it, so that you can come back later for reference.

Before I start, I want to make some things clear to you. I want to be very honest with you. Warning: Just as you can make $500 or more easy and fast in few minutes with this method, you can also lose $500 or more quickly with this method in few minutes. Also it could be very addictive and fun to do that you may find it hard to stop.  Please let that sink into your head now before you read on.

But I am here to show you how to win and not lose. Let’s get started…


I am going to introduce you to Bitsler . A website that I used to make about $2000 in just about 10 minutes . See verifiable proof below

Now I still get FREE $13 every week from this website just for nothing. I am going to explain how all these works in just a moment, and how you can do the same.

I made this 3.7 BTC around July 2016 and I am going to show you exactly how I did it right here, right now. At that time, 1 BTC was worth about $650. I put in 0.1 BTC only and turned it to over 4 BTC, then lost a little and that was how I ended up with 3.7 BTC.

Did you know that in 2017, that 1 BTC which was worth about $650 went up to $20,000 per BTC. Think about how much profit I made.

Currently 1 BTC is still worth about $3600 and could go up to $50,000 anytime soon. At least it would go up to $30,000

A quick summary of how I made the BTC is , I put in 0.1 BTC and wagered it, then made 1 BTC from that (I am going to show you the exact way I did it with videos. I will show you the exact videos I used that worked for me.) So when I made 1 BTC from that 0.1 that I put in, I withdrew the 0.1 BTC (removed it from the website). Now I was totally free from loss. No risk for me because I have removed my original investment.

Then I had 0.9 BTC left. I sent that to my second account. The website allows you to have a second account as your bank. Once you make up to 0.00050000 BTC you can send it to your second account and save it. This way you can reduce your risk of losing. So I sent 0.8 to my second account, then I had 0.1 left again. Same amount that I started with and used to make 1 BTC. As I said, I am going to show you exactly how I did it in a video.

So In the same way as before, I made another 1 BTC with the 0.1 BTC left in my first account. Now I had over 2 BTC. I did the same thing again 4 times, and that’s how I made over 4 BTC. I tried to do it for the fifth time because I became to greedy as it was all coming very easy. Very easy money. But then I started losing, and that’s how I ended up with 3.7 BTC profit. I put the proof again here for convenience to save you from scrolling up.

Now this is purely verifiable. I can log in to my account and chat with you from there, so that you will know that it is me.

So how exactly did I make 3.7 BTC from Bitsler ? What exactly did I do? Relax. I am going to show you exactly what I did, what I learnt from my experience, the mistakes I made and how you can avoid them.

Before I show you the strategy I used and how I made it, I will like to explain what Bitsler is and how it works.

What is Bitsler?

Bitsler is a cryptocurrency dice gambling website where you can play fun games and win money easily and quickly. Bitsler started around early months of 2016, and since then It has been constantly improving. They consistently add new features, new coins, and a lot of creativity to make the website better.

I have been an active user since then till today. It’s more like a family when you get in. They have a live chat on the right side of the website. You will quickly make lots of friends and chat directly with them.

They are very helpful and will share their experiences quickly with you if you ask. It’s very addictive once you get in. And it is one of the most beautiful well designed websites I have ever come across. Their support are also very active and quick to respond to any issues the users have. The admin also comes in the live chat often, and have fun with us.

How Does Bitsler Work?

Bitsler is a cryptocurrency dice gambling website. You deposit a supported crypto currency of your choice, and make bets (also called “wager“) to increase your coin.  You can double it, you can triple it, you can make more than triple and most importantly, you can lose it. But if you follow my instructions on this post, I am going to show you how to not lose anything on bitsler, but win. Again, you can bookmark this page so you can come back later for reference.

Basically here is how bitsler works. You deposit a coin then you place a bet on a dice, by predicting which side the dice will fall, and then you roll dice. If your prediction is right, you win the exact amount of coins you placed for the bet. If your prediction is wrong, you lose it.

Bitsler Layout And Design

Here is how bitsler looks when you sign up and log in.

The Upper Part

The Lower Part


How To Deposit Bitcoin In Bitsler?

When you sign up and log in on bitsler, you land on the pages show in the images above.

  1. Click the “Deposit” button to make a deposit. There is no minimum deposit amount. You can deposit as small as you want, and you can deposit as big as you want.  You will see the screen below.
  2. Click on “Copy” to copy the bitcoin wallet address. Make you clicked it. The button should turn green and say “Copied” then turn back blue.
  3. Then go to your bitcoin wallet and paste the address and send BTC to it. The deposit will reflect in your balance in few minutes. Sometimes deposits are credited instantly.

Now you should have your deposit showing in your balance as in the image below where you can see 1 BTC


How To Make Bets (Wager) In Bitsler

Bitsler has two types of betting. Manual Betting and Automated Betting. You can place bets in manual way or in an automated way.  The difference is that with Manual Betting, you will have to put your bet amount, add your settings, click the “ROLL DICE” button for every single bet you make. But in Automated Betting, you only place bets and add your settings, and click “ROLL DICE” button once, and everything works for you automatically and adjust itself as you want, without you clicking “ROLL DICE” again.

Manual Betting

This is the manual betting section. It is the default section when you log in on bitsler. I will explain all the parts marked in red, and how to use them.  To understand it easily remember how bitsler works which I already explained above. Bitsler works like this.

You deposit bitcoin by clicking on the blue deposit button above, and the coin shows up in your balance.

You make bets to increase your balance by predicting which side the dice will fall and click on roll dice.

If your prediction is right, your balance will increase with the amount of bet you placed.

You can withdraw all your balance, or you can chose to make more bets and increase it more.

Bet Amount

This is where you set the amount of bitcoin you want to bet. What ever amount you set here will influence your profit.


This is where you see the actual amount of bitcoin you will win if your prediction of where the dice will fall is right. In the image above it is showing 0.005 BTC

Roll Under To Win

This is where you make your prediction. You have to chose if the dice will roll under the number specified there or if it will roll over the number. In the image above, it is showing roll under 49.50, meaning that when I click on Roll Dice button, if the number that comes out is any where below 49.50 I win 0.005 BTC, and if the number that comes out is anywhere above 49.50 I lose 0.005 BTC.


This affects the Profit I am going to get. The default is 2x  as you see in the image above. When I set the payout to 2x, then my Profit will be the same as my Bet Amount which is 0.005 BTC. But for example, if I change my Payout and reduce it to 1x with the same Bet Amount of 0.005 BTC, now my Profit is reduced to 0.00005100 BTC.

Now what happens if I increase my Payout to 3x with the same Bet Amount of 0.005 BTC? What will happen is that my Profit will become 0.01 BTC while my Bet Amount is still 0.005 BTC 🙂 . I hope this helps you understand more of how bitsler works.


This affects your luck, and it changes according to the Payout you set. Bigger payouts, has less chance of winning. Smaller payouts has more chance of winning.

When you win, the color of the roll is green, when you lose, the color of the roll is red.


The “/2”, “x2”, and “Max” Button

I almost forgot this one but when you look at the image above, between the Bet Amount and Profit, you will see three blue buttons. The /2, x2, and Max Button.

Click on the /2 button to divide your bet amount by 2 and reduce it to half. For example my bet amount is 0.005 BTC . If I click the /2 button, my bet amount becomes 0.0025 BTC which is half of 0.005 BTC. If you don’t want to click the button, you can simply reduce your bet amount by typing 0.0025 in the bet amount box, manually.

Keep in mind that when you reduce your bet amount, your profit reduces accordingly too.

Click the x2 button to multiply your bet amount by 2 and double it. For example my bet amount is 0.005 BTC. If I click the x2 button, my bet amount becomes 0.01 BTC which is double of 0.005 BTC. Now my bet amount is 0.01 BTC, If I click x2 again, my bet amount becomes 0.02 BTC which is double of 0.01 BTC and so on.

Keep in mind that when you increase your bet amount, your profit increases accordingly too.

Automated Betting

This is the automated betting section. To use this section, simply click on the “Automated Betting” marked in red as you can see in the image above. The automated betting section has all the settings in the manual betting section like the Bet Amount, Profit, The Roll Under To Win, The Payout, The Chance and the /2, x2 and Max buttons. But the automated betting section has few other extra settings to automate your bets, which I have marked in red in the image above, and will explain them now.

These extra settings are: Limit Number Of Rolls, Speed Betting, Winning Events, Losing Events.

Limit Number Of Rolls

Here you can set the number times you want the dice to roll itself once you click the “Roll Dice” button. Notice one thing here. The “Roll Dice” button now says “Start Pilot Mode”. It is still the same thing as “Roll Dice”, so don’t worry about that. So lets say I type in 100 for example, in the “Limit Number Of Rolls” section, and then click the “Start Pilot Mode” (roll dice) button. The dice will roll itself for 100 times and stop.  If you leave the “Limit Number of Rolls” section empty, and click on “Start Pilot Mode” (roll dice) button, the dice will continue to roll itself in unlimited number of times, until you click the button again, which should be saying “Stop Pilot Mode”.

Speed Betting

Here you can increase or decrease how fast the dice is being rolled, simply by moving the slider from left to right. To increase the speed of the betting, move the slider from left to right. To decrease the speed of the betting, move the slider from right to left. In the current image above, the betting speed is in maximum. It is at the extreme right.

Losing Events

I chose to explain losing events before winning events to help you understand bitsler more, because I have experienced it, and I think it will make more sense to explain it this way.

Before you go on, take note of this.

First off, there are two settings for the losing events. The first is to “return to base amount”, and the second is “Increase by”. The selected option is highlighted in blue.

Now read on…

Remember that in automated betting when you click the “Start Pilot Mode” (roll dice) button, the dice starts to roll without stopping. What if you want to increase or decrease the “Bet Amount” every time you lose? In manual mode you would have clicked the x2 or /2 button, but you can’t do it here because the dice roll is automated and continuous without stopping.

This is where you make use of “Losing Events“. Losing Events helps you increase or decrease the bet amount or return the bet amount to original base bet amount, while dice is rolling, without you clicking or modifying anything. You set it once and it does the job for you.

For example in the image above, I selected “increase by” and set 100 (%) on losing events. What that means is that every every time I lose a bet in automated betting mode, my previous bet amount will be increased by 100% for the next bet.

Remember that when you lose the number roll number shows in red color

Let me give you typical example. Picture this, lets say I  set 100 (%) on losing events just like you see in the above image,  and then I start automated betting with bet amount of 0.0025 BTC . If the bet outcome is a loss, the next bet amount will automatically be 0.005 BTC, if this one is a win then my profit will be 0.005 BTC. I have won 0.005 BTC.

Another example, if I start automated betting with bet amount of 0.0025 BTC, and the first bet outcome is a loss, the next bet amount will automatically be increased to 0.005 BTC, if that one is a loss too, the next bet amount will automatically increase to 0.01 BTC. If this one is a win, then my profit will be 0.01 BTC. I have won 0.01 BTC.

If I set “return to base” on losing events, then every time I lose, my bet amount is returned to the original bet amount I set before I started the automated betting, in this case 0.0025 BTC. However setting “return to base” on losing events would not make sense unless you set “increase by” on winning events and this takes me to explain winning events.

Winning Events

Winning events is very similar to losing events except that the settings you put there gets applied automatically only when your dice roll is a win

For example in the image above, I set “increase by” 100 (%) on losing events , and I set “return to base” on winning events. This means that when I start rolling dice, every time I lose my bet amount which starts at 0.0025 BTC gets increased by 100% until I win, and when I win, my bet amount is returned to the original bet amount which is 0.0025 BTC .

Balance (BankRoll)

I missed to highlight this one, but it is the amount of bitcoin you have on bitsler, for example you can see I have about 1.06 BTC. Some people call this balance, some call it bankroll but I believe you know what I am talking about.

Now, this bankroll is very important in automated betting. Here is why. Let’s say you start with a base bet of 0.0025 BTC in automated betting and you set it to 100% on losing event, and on wining events return to base. Now let’s say your bankroll (balance) or what you have in bitsler is 0.01 BTC.  If your first roll becomes a loss, your next bet amount increases to 0.005 BTC, if this roll becomes a loss too, your next bet amount becomes 0.01 BTC, if this roll becomes a win, you win 0.01 BTC on top of your bankroll (balance) and now you have 0.02 BTC.

But wait…

What if the third bet amount which was 0.01 BTC was also a loss? What do you think will happen? Here is what will happen. Bitsler will try to increase the next bet amount to 0.02 BTC to help you recover from the previous bets but because your bankroll (balance) is 0.01 BTC which is less than 0.02 BTC, the automated betting will stop and you will get a message : Auto bet stopped because of Insufficient funds.

The point here is that your balance has to be enough to cover your bet amounts. Take note of this.

Ok. I think I have basically explained how to make bets (wager) in bitsler. I think you can understand it to some extent. Take this as reference, bookmark this page, so you can come back and read again just if you need to.

Now I’m gonna show you exactly how I made 3.7 BTC from Bitsler, and the exact strategy I used. I will also show you many more good strategies that professionals, VIPs and Legends use. Some of these VIPs and Legends made 40 BTC profit in bitsler.

Exactly How I Made 3.7 BTC from Bitsler

Below is the exact video containing the strategy I used to make 3.7 BTC from bitsler. You may have already seen it above. If you haven’t, then see it below. I deposited 0.1 BTC only, then turned it to 1 BTC, then sent 0.9 BTC to my second bitsler account to save it there, now I was left with 0.1 BTC again. I did the same thing 3 more times and made 4 BTC between 10 to 15 minutes. Then I gave it a 5th trial, and I lost. But then, I stopped, and that’s how I ended up with 3.7 BTC Profit, as you can see in the image below.

If you want to verify this, when you sign up on bitsler, go to the live chat and type @bitfella . That is my account. I can also log in with that account and chat with you. Below is the exact video that contains the exact strategy I used to make this amount of money. It is real.  Watch the video and see proof for yourself.

The guy made it, and made 1 BTC from 0.1 BTC. Luckily for me as I was researching, I found the video. I trusted my guts and I tried it, and it not only worked 1 time, but 4 times.  I guess the reason it didn’t work the 5th time is because I didn’t take a break.

That reminds me of telling you to make sure you take a break when you win much. Don’t try to break the casino. Don’t be too greedy. Just set a target, hit it and take a break for 2 to 3 days or a week. It is easy to say but difficult to do. But it is important.

Watch the video.

The Strategy I used To Make 3.7 BTC In Bitsler

Join Bitsler

How To Win In Bitsler And Not Lose

Pay close attention to this. It is very important. When you deposit BTC and start wagering in bitsler, in the beginning, everything is fresh, your luck is great! This is exactly the opportunity for you to win and make good profit. Here is what I advise you to do to make sure you don’t lose anything.

Deposit, win, and then withdraw your original deposit, or create a second account as your bank, and send it there. Bitsler allows you to create a second account as your bank. You can send minimum of 0.00050000 BTC there, every time. This way you are out of risk.

Preferably, deposit a big bankroll (balance) and bet lesser amount then withdraw your big balance that you deposited or send it to your second account, then start building up your bankroll (balance) from your profits.

This is the mistake that most newbies make. They don’t do this, but now, I have told you about it from experience.

Good luck 🙂

More Favorite Strategies I use To Make More Bitcoin Profit

Here are some more great strategies I used to make profit in Bitsler.  You can watch all these videos below to get a better understanding of how you can win more in Bitsler using great strategies from Professional Gamblers.

Join Bitsler

Join Bitsler

If you need more videos after watching this, simply leave a comment in the comment section below. I will send you more videos through your email.

Big Winnings From Awesome Bitsler Players

Also, some good bitsler players have made up to 80 BTC profit, some made up to 42 BTC profit in just few days. I was able to capture some screenshot and I will put it below for you to see. You can also verify this by signing up on Bitlser, and then clicking their username, to see their profile. Some of them actually hide the profit, but the example I show below, actually left the profit open. Maybe you will get a chance to see the profit while it is still open.

There are many more people. But most people chose to keep their profit private. However, I was able to capture this one while it is still open.

How Bitlser Also Helps You Recover From Any Loss Incured

Here is another part of Bitsler that is also very interesting. Bitsler currently has many ways to help you recover from any loss that you may have incurred from the website. They do this in 3 ways.

  1. Bitsler Daily Lottery
  2. Bitsler Coin Daily And Weekly Challenge
  3. Bitsler Daily And Weekly Wager Contest

1. Bitsler Daily Lottery

Bitsler runs a daily lottery which anyone can win.  To participate, you simply wager at least 0.00001000 BTC and submit your username, your bet id and your roll number on the forum. I’ve won the lottery up to 5 times. 🙂

So click on the forum icon above, then go to the forum and type in your username, and bet id and roll number just like in the image below.

In the evening, the lottery manager comes and wager BTC. If your roll number is the same with that of the lottery manager you will win real BTC for that every day.


2. Bitsler Daily Challenge – Win 0.01 BTC Everyday and 0.09 Every Week For Free

Claim free Bitsler coins from the left menu by clicking on the red icon marked below.

Your challenge is to wager this coin, and bring the amount up to the highest you can before the end of the day. You will get paid real BTC everyday and every week for doing that.  For example of how much you can earn every day, and the number of coins required for it, please check out the image below of previous winnings.

Daily Challenge Winnings

Basically $250 is shared everyday among the top 25 people with the highest balance (bankroll) on Bitsler Coins, according to how big their Bitsler coin balance is. If you are really smart, you can even win real BTC to wager on Bitsler from this without depositing anything. Once you sign up, you are allowed to claim free Bitsler coins.

Weekly Challenge Winnings

For the weekly, $3500 is shared every week among the top 250 people with the highest Bitsler coin balance. Almost everyone interested gets a share in this one. Because the list is long, I am going to show only the top 10 winnings of last week so that you can see how much they earn every week for free on Bitsler.

When you calculate what you earn daily, plus the weekly one, you’ll see it’s a lot of money. Bitsler helps you recover some of your loss through this way.

3. Bitsler Daily And Weekly Wager Contest

Just right below the bitsler coin daily challenge icon, is the bitsler daily and weekly wager contest.

This is another way that bitsler helps users recover if they lose, and the best part, you still earn from the contest even if you win.  You win both daily and weekly. Here is an example of how much they win daily.

I just showed only the top 10 daily winnings. However, the top 30 people with the highest wager amount win BTC daily. If you can wager up to 2 BTC daily, you will be among the top 30 daily, and you will win about 0.004 BTC. The best thing like I said is that if you are smart, you can wager up to 2 BTC and win, not lose, then you also get rewarded for wagering. Check out the strategies in the videos above.

For weekly, here is example of how much they win.

Up to 1 BTC win. Here the top 50 people with the highest wager amount in the weekly win BTC. If you can wager up to 11 BTC weekly, you can win 0.005 BTC every week.

So these are basically 3 ways that Bitsler helps you recover, incase you lose and give you extra coins if you win.

This has been a loooong post. Gosh! 🙂  That brings me to the last thing that I wanted to  include in this post – the bitsler faqs.

Join Bitsler

Bitsler FAQs

Here you can find questions about almost anything you want to know about bitsler, like the minimum deposit amount for all coins, the minimum withdrawal amount for all coins and other stuffs like that.

I wanted to write about it in full, or at least snap the screens. But I’m just going to show you where you can find it once you sign up. The area marked in red below is it. Click on it and you can find out answers to any questions you may have that wasn’t covered in this post.

Good luck 🙂  Game Responsibly.


Join Bitsler



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    • dbundus says:

      Hello. You can play it in the US. A lot of US users are playing in the site. Just say that the US ip address is not yours when they ask you if it is yours, and you will go in.

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