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Crypto Dice Gambling Website

Luckygames is another good gambling website. It features many coins, up to 40 and they are constantly adding new ones.  I have also used this website myself. It’s provably fair. Some people say it is the most provably fair dice website. And to my knowledge it has more users than all other dice gambling sites I have seen.

It also has a chat system which you can see on the left side in the screenshot above.  One thing that is very good about this website is that you can use it to exchange between many popular cryptocurrencies. It has the lowest exchange fee compared to all other major bitcoin exchanges out there.

Also another good thing about it is that, you receive lots of rains while you chat with friends. Rains are coins being shared randomly every now and then to random users who are active in the chat. This is free coin and it may turn to grow big in cryptocurrency future.

For example this website had verge coin since the beginning when verge was worth nothing. A lot of users were receiving the verge rain. Those days you can receive 50 verge in just one rain. And of course, multiple rains are made in a day. You could receive up to 20 rains in a day if you are active in chat.

Somehow 1 year later, verge went from $0.00001 to $0.1 and above. Those who received the rain are now lucky.

But you don’t have to go to the website just to receive rain. It’s a gambling website. Go there and play game if you are a gambling enthusiast or you want to learn more about gambling.

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