Join This Airdrop Now & Get 1 Ethereum For Free After December 1st

Update: This post is no longer relevant. Please skip it. I keep it for archive purposes

Get 1 Ethereum For Free By Joining Airdrop, Get 0.1 Eth For Every person you refer. Get Guaranteed Regular Ethereum Payout If you already have Eth in your wallet.

KeepStakeOh my gosh, this is very exciting 🙂  and I found it late. Im sorry. They will be giving you 1 Ethereum after December 1st for joining their airdrop.

Ethereum is a very great cryptocurrency with huge potential. I woun’t go into details because that’s not what we are here for. But the value of 1 Ethereum has already hit above $1300 early this year, and soon, when it moons again, it could go above $5000. Just a prediction, not facts. I cannot guarantee. But currently, 1 Ethereum is worth exactly $155.87 USD. Still not a bad thing to get on a free giveaway, just for completing about 4 simple social media actions, to join their airdrop.

Also, if you already have some ethereum in your wallet, then they will pay you guaranteed regular ethereum to your wallet. You simply need to submit your wallet address on their website to receive that.(link below or above).

Also for everyone you bring to join, they will give you additional 0.1 Eth.


How To Join The Airdrop And Get 1 Ethereum For Free

It is very simple to join. You just need to do about 4 or 5 things.

First, visit their website here

Follow their account on medium. If you don’t have a medium account you can simply sign up. Takes only 5 seconds.

Follow Them on Twitter

Retweet And Like Their Pinned Post

Join Their Telegram Channel.

Enter Your Details And Click Submit.

Then Verify your email.   I have done all, and it took me less than 5 minutes.

See image below for clarity

The registration is closing on December 1st and after that, the rewards will be distributed.

Join KeepStake

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