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Unfortunately PeerFly has closed but these tips could still help you get approved in any affiliate network out there.

I Just Got Approved In PeerFly (And Here Is What I Did)

So I just got approved by PeerFly and I am very excited about it. PeerFly, a very exciting affiliate network to be with with lots of great converting offers in almost any niche you can think of. So in this post, I am going to show you what I did to get approved in PeerFly. I didn’t screenshot my answers, and I can’t do that of course. You are not supposed to enter exactly the same thing as me, but I will tell you exactly what I did.

before I go on, I remember applying to this network previously about 2 years ago, and I got rejected. I really wanted to work with this network and MaxBounty as I see a lot of people earning very big from the two.  I have seen a lot of YouTube videos with real earnings there.

MaxBounty was actually my first choice but they rejected me 2 years back, and still rejected me again recently, but then, PeerFly didn’t.  It’s actually very easy to get approved in PeerFly. Here is how to get approved into PeerFly.

1. Create A Well Designed Website And Write Good Content

2 years ago when I applied for MaxBounty and PeerFly, and even ShareASale, I didn’t really have a blog. I had a website though, but it was just a cash incentive affiliate website, I just listed products  there, which I had my link behind them, and when people joined and used the products, which they will probably pay for, I will give them some cash back.

When signing up on the affiliate networks and they asked me of my website, I never got approved into any network while submitting that website as my website.

So I started a blog about 8 months ago, started creating contents, and started sharing the contents on social media to get traffic, when I had like a good number of contents on it and some visitors on it, I started applying to affiliate networks. So this is my first recommendation before applying to affiliate networks. Create a website, write content, and share on social media to get some visitors. Do it for two or three months before applying for networks.

PeerFly and most other great affiliate networks out there, want to get a feeling that you are serious with your website, before they can approve you. They don’t want to approve junk users.

2. Do Not Include Cash Incentive Methods And Other Methods Below In Your Promotion Methods

This right here, is one of the most important thing you need to take note of. In fact, I really think it is the one of the main reason why I got approved. When I signed up previously about 2 years ago, I did include cash incentive, and so many other methods, while filling up the sign up forms, and I never got approved.

In fact, PeerFly makes it very clear when it comes to this section as you are filling out their approval form, that here is what determines if you will get approved or not. And I will show you exactly why I think most people don’t get approved. I noticed something about almost all the offers on PeerFly. Most of them have similar restrictions on how you promote them.

Take a look at the images below.


You can see the not allowed methods in red, and the allowed methods in green. Like I said, on almost all offers that I have checked, I found out they had similar restrictions. There are exceptions though. But may of them are like this. So while signing up on PeerFly, try to include only these common allowed methods. The most common allowed methods on PeerFly are Display, Banners, Social, and sometimes search engine.

Try to avoid including any of the methods marked in red above.

3. Be Honest About Your Affiliate Marketing Experience And Other Information

Yes, of course they will detect it when you lie. Most of the time, you will be asked to provide proof to back up your claim. So it is very important that you just be very honest as you fill out the sign up form.  Do not claim to have earned anything in an affiliate network before if you haven’t. Do not claim that you have experience if you haven’t.

4. Try To Contact Them After Sign Up To Speed Up Your Approval (Optional but recommended)

Sometimes there could be a long queue on the waiting list of people who want to get approved in the network. However, you contacting them after your sign up will indicate that you really want to work with them, and they will speed up your approval process. If everything is ok, you will get approved.

Like I said, I got approved and I am glad about that. If you have been rejected by this network before, you can try again using the above tips, and you should get approved.

If you have been approved and you know more tips then please leave it in the comment section below, and I will be glad to add it.

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