How To Start YouTube Channel & Get Subscribers & Views

In the previous post I talked about 8 ways to make money online with video production. Just in case you haven’t seen that post you can go back here and read it. 8 Ways To Make Money Online With Video Production In that post the first method is “Creating Video Content On Websites Like YouTube, Vimeo, etc.  In this post I will be showing you how to start a YouTube channel, and get subscribers and views too.

The method I will show here regarding how to get subscribers and views is not really recommended but it works.

So first, lets get into how to create your own YouTube Channel. But before that, I will like to point out one great advantage of having a YouTube channel, especially for bloggers. There are many other advantages to owning a YouTube channel if you own a blog, but the best one that I like so much is that, your adsense account gets approved easily and quickly.

Getting an adsense account is not all that easy when you have a new blog, and you apply for an adsense account, but with a YouTube channel it is very easy to get approved just after you upload a couple videos, say 5 to 10.

So to start your YouTube channel follow the below steps.

(All you really need to start a YouTube channel is a google account or gmail account. YouTube gives you a channel  immediately you create a gmail account. All that is left for you is to set it up).

How To Start A YouTube Channel

  1. Sign in to your gmail account.
  2. Go to youtube and click on “Your Channel” from the top right corner (see image below for clarity).

3. Set your YouTube Channel name  and click on “Create Channel” .

Now, I am not going to go ahead and create a YouTube channel as I already have one. This is just for demonstration purposes.  But that is how simple it is to Start a YouTube Channel today, and you can start uploading videos and making money. There are many dudes making more than $10,000 a day on YouTube easily, and this is how they all started. Just by clicking few buttons, you are set.

As an extra tip although this is not what this post is about but I will like to say this. Do not think you can’t create YouTube videos. You can and there are many different ways you can do it. If you don’t like to show your self or use your voice there are many different tools that will still help you create great videos on your YouTube channel.

The main thing that matter is the content you produce and the value (help) it offers to people out there who search that platform everyday for information. See How To Make YouTube Videos Without Using Your Voice Or Camera.

How To Get Quick Subscribers & Views On Your New YouTube Channel

Now that you have created a YouTube channel it is usually not very awesome when you are creating videos and you look at your channel but there are no subscribers. You get that kind of feeling that you are just making videos for nobody. But that is not true.

First, your videos on your channel can get many views on YouTube even without a single subscriber. Your videos can get views from YouTube search as long as people search for the keywords in the title of your video, it is likely to show up. But I am going to show you how to get your YouTube channel some good number of subscribers in a short time.

Keep in mind like I said in the beginning, that this method is not recommended because it is not natural, but it is actually safe currently and it works.

Use Mutual Subscriber & View Websites

There are some websites out there where you can go and subscribe to other peoples youtube channel and get subscribers back for yourself from the points that you earn from subscribing to their youtube channel.

You can easily get up to 50 to 100 youtube subscribers a day doing this.  In the same way, you can get lots of views a day doing this. You just need to put a limit to not over do it, so that youtube does not detect it as fake.

However, some of the websites I am going to be listing here will help you limit the subscriber amount you get everyday automatically to prevent YouTube from detecting it. So join the websites below and add your YouTube channel, then subscribe to other people and start getting subscribers back.



I will be listing more soon.


By the time you use these platforms consistently for about 1 month, you should be able to get your first 1000 subscribers and some good number of views on your channel too. Now you can kick off from here.

You can also join these Facebook groups that share mutual subscribers and views too.

Facebook Group One

Facebook Group Two

more list will be coming soon.

Remember you can Start Making YouTube Videos Without Using Your Voice Or A Camera

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9 Responses

  1. Paul Davis says:

    Hey, This is a great piece of information. Some people want to start their youtube channel but they don’t know, from where they should start. You have done a pretty good job by explaining each step. The inclusion of pictures for explanation makes this post more special.

    Once you have created a youtube channel, the biggest challenge you face is getting viewers and subscribers. I am going to share some ways by which you can increase viewers and subscribers.

    1) Create engaging, fresh and informative content. Without good content, you cannot win any subscriber.

    2) Post regularly and post according to the need of your audience.

    3 Create an eye-catching thumbnail. It forces the viewers to click on the video. You can use Canva to create custom images.

    4) Improve Youtube SEO by adding Video titles, descriptions, and tags. Youtube SEO helps in ranking your video in Youtube SERP. Once your video is ranked, you get a lot of viewers and subscribers which helps in growing your channel.

    5) Promotion on Social Media Platform (Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr). Join different groups and communities to share your content.

    6) Use of Paid Campaigns (Facebook paid ads, Instagram Ads and Google Adwords)

    7) Embed your videos in Q&A sites

    8) Offer Giveaway Contest

    9) Collaboration With influencers

    10) Outreach to different bloggers and convince them to include your content in their relevant post

    These are some tips to increase viewers and subscribers. But, you have to show some patience because you are not going to thousands of subscribers overnight. For Immediate and quick results, You can buy youtube subscribers, and when it comes to increasing followers, is the best company by far. They provide real, genuine Youtube Subscribers, and also offer a money back guarantee. I have had great experience with them. I would recommend buying subscribers from them.

    Thanks for mutual Subscribers and viewers websites list

    • dbundus says:

      Thanks for complementing this post with many more creative methods to grow on YouTube. The methods are actually very great. But I really think buying youtube subscribers, views or followers is not a great idea. As you can see in the post I don’t recommend it, because it is risky. But oh well, it is good people know about the possibilities that are out there. Thanks again for coming through 🙂

  2. Ellis Markland says:

    I really enjoy reading well-written blogs, and this most definitely is one of the better I’ve come across this year!

  3. Vito Kjellman says:

    Very well said.

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