How To Start Your Own GPT/OfferWall/Survey Website

So now, you have known what a GPT/OfferWall/Survey website is, and you want to start your own, and earn money from it, just like others do. Today I will be showing you exactly how to start your own GPT/OfferWall/Website without any knowledge of web design or programming skills.

If you don’t know what a GPT/OfferWall/Survey website is yet, or you will like to refresh your memory, please take few minutes, and go back to this post What Is A GPT/OfferWall/Survey Website & Can You Earn Money From it?

How To Start Your Own GPT/OfferWall/Survey Website

Go to UseTitan it should bring you to the page below

You are going to see 5 scripts.

1 Titan GPT+PTC – Get-Paid-To made perfect (indeed they did a lot of work)

2 Titan Revenue – Most advanced revshare script

3 Titan ICO – Best Initial Coin Offering Script (If you are into cryptocurrencies, you will know about this)

4 Titan Investment Platform – Professional HYIP script

5 Titan Affiliate Network – Attract Publishers Worldwide

Simply click on number 1, the Titan GPT/PTC and it should bring you to the page below.

You can click on “SEE DEMO” to see how your gpt/offerwall/survey website will look like. When you click on demo, you are going to see 2 options: 1. the script demo. 2 the admin panel demo . I am going to show you a preview of the script demo, but you can go to the website by yourself and explore more.  Below are few screenshots of how your gpt website will look.

How Your Users Will Earn Money From Your GPT/OfferWall/Survey Website

When you own and run this gpt website, there are many ways that your users can earn money.  You can find these on the “earn” section. Refer to the screenshot above for clarity.

They can earn from.

  • CPA/GPT Offers – Earn by completing simple tasks
  • PTC – Earn by clicking and viewing ads
  • Traffic Exchange – Earn by surfing the net, browsing other peoples website
  • Offer Walls – Earn by many different offerwalls
  • Search  – Earn by using search engines
  • Video – Earn by watching their favorite videos
  • Likes – Earn by liking facebook pages,
  • Twitter Follows – Earn by following people on twitter
  • YouTube Videos – Earn by watching videos on YouTube
  • Traffic Grid – Click on a TrafficGrid, watch the advertisement and win amazing prizes!
  • RefBack – Register on a website using the referral link and become an active clicker (referral). You, the administrator will be able to monitor their progress. If they are active clickers, they will get paid manually by you the administrator (as soon as you decide).
  • Crowdflower – Earn by completing simple CrowdFlower Tasks.
  • Paid To Promote – Earn by promoting your referral links, or links to other things you want to promote.
  • Coinhive Claim – Earn 100 points, by verifying captcha. They can do it as many times as they want.

The “Advertise” section also contains all the above, but it is meant for advertisers.

It also has a Marketplace section.

The Marketplace section is where your users can buy or sell real products. There are many more awesome features in this script, including a live chat for your website users to interact with themselves, kind of like a social network.

It also displays the currencies, in the local currency of each user on the website. This way, the user knows the exact amount he is going to earn for completing each task, and can perfectly calculate how much he can earn a day from the website.

It also comes with a forum. The many features of this script cannot be all listed here. Also, you have the flexibility to remove the features you don’t want, and only use the features you want, and it has different themes, and it is customizeable.

Getting The GPT/OfferWall/Survey Script

After you have explored the demo, if you like the script and you are ready to get started, then go back to the main page here where it says “Buy Demo” and “See Demo”,  Click on “Buy Demo” . It will take you to this page

In the select product section, select, TITAN GPT+PTC+TE valid LIFETIME for 1 domain. This is means when you purchase this script, it is one time and final payment, and the whole gpt+ptc+te website script which you saw in the demo above, is all yours forever.

If the TITAN GPT+PTC+TE script is already selected and highlighted in green, then scroll down and click on “NEXT” on the bottom right. You should come to this page, the “Select Modules” section.

Now, some of the features you saw in the demo above, on the left menu where it says “earn & advertise, entertainment, etc, come in modules. You can skip this, and get started first, by clicking on the next button. You can come back and add them gradually later. But if you want all the complete features like in the demo above, then you can add all the features in the “Earn&Advertise” Module. Those alone will make a complete gpt website with  many ways to earn.

Click on next, chose your support plan, and check out.

They will also assist you in installing and setting up the script quickly. Like I said before, you do not need to know web design or programming at all, to start any type of website or business you want today.

If you are serious about starting your own GPT website like Swagbucks, then this is viable script for that.

I suggest you start off with no modules just “TITAN GPT/PTC/TE and standard monthly support . If you chose only these, the total cost should be $158 . Then get serious with business immediately, and you could generate more funds from your website to include other features, which will in turn, increase your website earning.

Top gpt websites like swagbucks have paid their members over $314 million USD so far, and they are currently 11 years old.

In the end it’s all about how you treat your business.

If you have any questions or comment, you can leave them below. Please share on social media using the social media buttons below or above.

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