How To Register Your Domain Name & Host Your Website

How to register your domain name & host your website.

In this post I am going to show you how to register your domain name and host your website today.

We are going to use DreamHost I strongly recommend DreamHost. Here is why.

  1. DreamHost is an award winning web hosting company that has been around since 1997. They have hosted up to 1.5 million (1,500,000) websites.
  2. DreamHost offers you a free domain name if you host with them, using the Shared Unlimited hosting plan.(Domain name registration should cost you around $11.95 for a year, but now you get it for free.)
  3. DreamHost guarantees you 100% up time and to prove this, they offer you free credits for any period of downtime, and 1 day of FREE service if you ever experience 1 hour of downtime on your website.
  4. DreamHost offers a 97-day full money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their service. So you have more time to see that everything is working fine or get your money back, zero-risk. Most hosting companies that do this, only offer 30 days money back guarantee.
  5. They offer an easy 1 click installation of WordPress and any marketing tools and plugins, plus they have an impressive set of analytics tools to help optimize your website.
  6. When you sign up, you will also receive $100 worth of Google Adwords Credit to help you get started in marketing.
  7. U.S Based Customer-Support is available for you anytime, day or night.
  8. You also get unlimited traffic, storage, websites and email addresses.
  9. Your website is fast, secure, and always up. This makes google rank your website higher than others.

How To Register Your Domain Name With DreamHost

Note: DreamHost will give you domain name for FREE if you are going to host your website with them, using their Shared Unlimited Hosting plan. Scroll down more to read “How To Host Your Website With DreamHost below.

If you are going to host your website with DreamHost which I recommend you should, then simply skip this step, and scroll down to the hosting section. 🙂

Go to DreamHost and from the top menu click on “Domain Names“. See image below for clarity

It is circled with red above. Click on it, and you should come the the page below.

Just right below that search bar, you see where it says “.COM domains are just $11.95/yr, and include a FREE private registration. That means it will cost you only  $11.95 approximately $12 to register and own your domain name for 1 full year.

The FREE private registration allows you to remain anonymous while hosting and running your website. When someone searches for your website details in some websites like ScamAdviser (a website that shows all details about other websites), or its alternatives, they will not see your name. Instead they would see something like this : “Owner: WhoisGuard Protected” 🙂 .

Remember this feature is free, and you can leave it out if you don’t need it.

Now that you are on the domain names page. Type in a domain name you wish to use for your website on the search bar, where it says “Search for a domain name here…” See image below for clarity.

and then click on the yellow search button by the right. Scroll down and you will see if your domain name is available or not. Also if you don’t want to use .com domain name again, you will see other domain name extensions as you scroll down. Sometimes, your domain name may not be available on the .com extension but will be available on other extensions. So you can decide to use another extension here.

But I will always prefer .com extension to any other extension. However, it is your choice.

Keep searching for a suitable domain name for your website till you find the one that is available.

When you find a domain name that is available it will tell you that the domain name is available. In the screenshot below you will see that the domain name “” is available.

Now click on the yellow button above that says Buy now for $11.95 . This will get your domain name registered and secured for you for 1 full year. 🙂

If you haven’t created an account with dreamhost yet, then when you click on the button it will take you to the registration page in the screenshot below.

Simply create your account and continue with the registration. When you have filled in your information, click on continue and it should take you to this page.

If you would like to register your domain name for more years, then simply select the right number of years you want to register your website and then click on the blue Register button.

If you are not sure about your business, then you can select to register your domain for 1 year alone. However, if you are ready to start a website or a business for long term, then I will advise you to register your domain for as long as you can afford, at ONE TIME.

One advantage of this is that google increases your website ranking if the number of years the domain name is registered for is more. It helps in showing that your website or business has come to stay, and is less likely to be a scam, or a hit and run. It improves the credibility of your website.

Also it saves you the hassle of renewing your domain name or worst, not renewing it on time, and having your website down which could cause you to lose some visitors or customers.  However if you chose to register your domain name for 1 year, then ensure to write down the date of registration. This will help you estimate the date of expiry so that you can renew it on time, just in case you miss your email inbox messages from them.

Once you have registered your domain name, you will now have access to your panel. With this panel, you can change your DNS (Domain Name Server) to another host, just in case you do not want to host with dreamhost. But I really prefer to register and host my website on the same host. This way you have nothing much to worry about if there is anything to fix sometime in the future.

Take time again, and look at everything here to ensure it is in right shape. Then click on “Proceed To Checkout”.

Then, on the next page, you will enter your personal details. Note: Please ensure that there are no spaces between your phone number.

Then checkout.

If you have any questions regarding this, you can contact their support. They are always online 24/7 day and night to help you out any time. Alternatively you can contact me by leaving a comment in the comment section below. I will help you find the solution from them.


How To Host Your Website With DreamHost

Go To DreamHost and from the top menu, simply hover your mouse on hosting and then click on Hosting Overview. See image below for clarity.

Quickly before I continue. Like I said before. Dreamhost ensures your website is fast, secure and always up. This helps search engines not only google, trust your website and rank it higher. Also your visitors will not be disappointed.

So when you click on “Hosting Overview”, scroll down and you will see the hosting plans, just like in the screenshots below.

Currently, Shared Hosting is the most popular so you may want to start with that but the choice is yours. 🙂

Their shared starter hosting plan cost only $2.59 per month, and here is what you will be getting with it below.

Share Hosting Webserver

1 Website

Unlimited Traffic

Fast SSD Storage

SSL Certificate

Upgrade to add email

24/7 Support

It is actually a good practice to start with shared hosting, then as your business grows, you get more visitors, you may upgrade your hosting plan accordingly.

Simply click on the “Learn More” button below any hosting plan you prefer to get started. For example, click on the “Learn More” Button under the shared hosting plan, and it will bring you to the page below.

Then scroll down a bit, and you should find the two type of shared hosting plan that DreamHost has

DreamHost has two types of shared hosting plans.

The first one is “Shared Starter“.

The second one is “Shared Unlimited“.

Both of them come with a 97-day full money back guarantee. But what is the difference between the two?

Here is the major difference.

The Shared Starter Plan only allows you to host one website, but the Shared Unlimited allows you to host unlimited number of websites.

When you host with the Shared Starter plan, you will still register your domain name for $11.95 per year. But the Shared Unlimited plan gives you domain name for FREE.

The Shared Starter plan would be more suitable if you already have a domain name registered on another website, and simply want to only host with DreamHost.

So now you have made your choice, click on the “”Sign Up Now” button and it will bring you to this page, where you have to create your account if you haven’t done it yet.

Enter your details and click on Continue, you should see the next page below.

Simply enter the domain name you will like to use for your website. Note: Before you do this, please scroll up above and read about some stuffs you should have in mind when trying to register a domain name for your website. Just in case you skipped it. But if you read it, and still remember it, then you’re good to go. 🙂

Also you can skip it and set it up later just by clicking the last link in the lower part of the screenshot above.

The next page you will see will look like the screenshot below. Here you can add few extra options.

DreamHost has an industry standard feature called “DreamShield”. This will automatically (automagically 🙂 ) secure your website from attackers, clean your website, prevent security loopholes and keep it away from compromises. In short, It is like anti-virus for your website. Security is a very important feature of your website.

However, it costs extra $3 per month to have this feature on your website. You may want to leave it out if you can’t afford it. If you are going to run your website on WordPress, then you may leave this out, and make use of WordPress FREE security features. It has strong ones too.

The next option below in the screenshot above is an “Easy 1 click FREE WordPress installation”, that comes with your hosting plan. If you plan to build your website with WordPress (A powerful web development platform and CMS that can be used to build almost any type of website in a breeze), then simply check this particular option.

I suggest that you check it. After all, it is FREE. You’ve got nothing to lose.

The last option in the screenshot above, “WordPress Migration Service” is only for those who want to move their existing website from another host to DreamHost automatically. DreamHost will do this for you easily with no single second of downtime, but it will cost you $99.

Click on continue and you will be taken to the final page which will ask you to enter your personal information and payment details.

Then click “Place Order Now” button at the bottom, to complete the sign up and hosting process. 🙂

Now that you have registered your domain name and hosted your website, the next step is to set up and start your website.

Use the links below to see how to set up and start your website.

How To Start Your Blog.

Remember, if you have any questions regarding this, you can contact their support. They are always there 24/7, day and night to help you out. Alternatively, you can contact me by leaving a comment here in the comment section, and I will find out the solution for you.

So That’s how to register your domain name & host your website. I hope you found this helpful. Please remember to leave a comment in the comment section below. Also please share this post on social media or any place it will be useful. Thanks.

Visit DreamHost


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