How To Record Live Video of What Visitors Do On Your Website For Free

Record Live Video Of What Visitors Do On Your Website For Free

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In this post I will be introducing you to a special live chat software called SmartSupp . The most interesting thing is that this software is more than a live chat software. It can record the videos what what visitors do on your website while they are on your website. You may be thinking it is not necessary to record the videos of what visitors do on your website.

But honestly, recording the live video of what visitors do on your website could help you improve your website traffic and conversion rate greatly. Besides that, there are even more important reasons why you need to know what visitors do on your website.

Read below to see some great reasons why you should know what visitors do on your website.

Why You Should Record The Video Of What Visitors Do On Your Website

1. To fully understand what is going on on your website, how your users think, and what makes them leave your website, it is very important to see what users do , in a visual manner, when they come to your website.

2. Some malicious visitors may decide to hack your website either for fun or for profit.
You would like to know who they are, their location, browsing software, the pages they clicked on, and exactly what they did on your website. You can use these information to track them down and prosecute them if you wish to.

3. There could be more reasons but the above two are already enough reasons to record users activity in a video when they visit your website, especially for FREE.

How To Get Started

Ok. so how do you do this. Well, there’s a software called smartsupp. It is a free live chat software, one of its kind that comes with all the necessary featured in the free version and even gives you the opportunity to test the premium version within 30 days after you signup for the free version.

This special thing about this particular live chat software is that out of all other live chat software, it is the only one I have seen that has the live video recording capability.

This software will record any thing that a user does when he comes to your website. You can watch the video of what visitors do on your website once you log in to the apps website. Like I said, it is the first live chat software I have ever come across with this capability.

The very best part about Smartsupp is that the free version comes with this video recording feature forever. So you really don’t have to pay anything at all to use this feature. Isn’t that very cool?

Visit SmartSupp

Please feel free to leave your comments below if you have any question or you have any thing to say about the software. Thank you.

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