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If you have been looking for a very good place to host your website for free, Congratulations, You have found one of the best free web hosting companies today. Today I am going to show you how to host your website for free and forever. AwardSpace is a great web hosting company that has been around for over 14 years currently. I have searched around for best free hosting company, and it is one of the best I have come across.

Once you have your domain name already registered, you can simply transfer it to awardspace and host with them for free.

This hosting company have the following features and services.

AwardSpace Features

Free Web Hosting  and a free short domain name, PHP, MySQL, App Installer, Email Sending & No Ads.

So even if you don’t have a domain name yet, you can get one from awardspace for free too. It just wouldn’t be a .com .org .net or a top level domain, but it will be a short domain extension and you can use any word you like for it. And in fact, I have seen a very popular website with a non top level domain name, free one.

Free web hosting service features

1 GB disk space
5 GB monthly traffic
1 MySQL database
Free website builder
Email sending
WordPress & Joomla installer
Free short domains (
1 domain & 3 sub domains
100% ad free
This site has also achieved the following stats so far

99+% Up time.

24/7 Support & Sales Availability
10+ Years In Business

15 Minutes Average Response Time

2.5+ Million Customers
So many people already using the hosting.

With all these features for free, You can definitely not deny accepting them as one of the best free web hosting companies online.

I have personally hosted a couple of websites with them and it was great. I set up few WordPress websites with them and the installation was very easy and fast.

They also have great number of people testifying to their service. Being online for many years, they are reputable with experience. Their support is also very good and fast.

Why You Should Use Free Hosting

On a normal situation I really don’t recommend using free hosting, but if you are trying to host your website for the very first time, and you are very new to web hosting. It will be very good to experiment with a free host, because you will not be very good at somethings and if you make a mistake, well, it is a free host and you are not losing any thing.

Also you may set up a website that you just want to use as a source of experiment to get things around your head. In that case free hosting is great. Also if you are a developer, using free hosting is a great option for testing your clients work as long as the free hosting plan meets up with the requirements of the website you are setting up for your client.

Why You Should Not Use Free Hosting

Usually, free web hosting are limited in capacity and size. If you are starting out a real website that you want to run for your business or something similar, don’t use free hosting. Even if you plan to migrate your website in the future to a better hosting, you can save yourself the hassle, and downtime.

Visit AwardSpace

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