How To Get Your Job Proposal Accepted On Upwork, Freelancer & Others

Get your job proposal accepted on upwork freelancer

In this post, I am going to show you how to get your job proposal accepted on upwork, freelancer and other freelance websites.

You see, when you are starting out as a freelancer, it is kind of hard to get accepted to any job. This is true even when you have the required skill.

In fact, you probably have the skill more than some other people who are already receiving jobs. The thing is, no one knows you.

No one knows that you can do the job, and they cannot tell just by looking at your proposal. You have to prove it to them.

Now, one of the ways to prove it to them is by upgrading your profile. You can take all the required tests and passing with good scores. But even at that, you still may not get accepted to any job.

One of the major things I have discovered that helps you to get your job proposal accepted on upwork freelancer, and other websites is actually, reviews and ratings by other people that you have worked for.

This one goes a long way to convince more people to hire you, more than any other thing in your profile.

But the problem is this. How do you get reviews and ratings from people you have worked for, when you have not even got your first job?

Here is what to do.


Note: This is not how it is supposed to be. I am only writing this method because sometimes the freelance system could be very unfair. I do not blame anyone, but sometimes, only the old workers keep getting the jobs. This is because they have good recommendation and rating from others on their profile.

So here is how to get one if you are new.

Go to picoworkers or microworkers. In this post I am going to use picoworkers for example. So sign up on picoworkers as a contractor and create a job post.

Picoworkers and the rest above are simply micro task websites where you can go and create simple tasks for people to complete. Once they complete it, you will verify for sure that it is complete to your taste. Then you will pay them small money. You can pay them just $0.2 for each task, and they will perform it according to your instructions.

So post an upwork review on picoworkers or any of the websites above. The workers have to sign up on the freelance website of your choice, where you want to boost your profile, and leave a good review, and rating for you on your profile.

Below is an example screenshot of such tasks on picoworker.

After they have done that, then the funds will be credited to their account. $3 here could get you up to 6 good reviews and rating, or at least 3, at the cost of $0.5 for each, or a little bit more. The higher the reward for the task, the faster it will get completed.

You can also set your deadline for each task, with other instructions alongside it.

Now that you have good profile ratings on upwork, freelancer or any other website you use, it is time to start applying for proposals. Also ensure that you take other tests on your freelancing website. Some of these tests include english fluency test, and others.

Also, you should add some example of works you have done to your profile portfolio section.

So in summary, when you have actually got some recommendations and ratings on your freelance profile, you are set. This tip should help you get your job proposal accepted on upwork freelancer, and others. Start applying for proposals, and you should get one soon.

If you have questions, or anything to say, leave your comments in the comment section below.

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