How To Find Advertisers For Your Website (Without Advertising Networks)

In this post I am going to show you how to find and attract advertisers to your website without an advertising network. Now you already know the types of website that earn money and how you can earn money from them. If you haven’t, then please read: Types Of Website That Make MoneyIn that post you will also see how those websites earn money. But in this post, I will be showing you how you can find and attract advertisers to your website.

Rank Your Website 

When you rank your website, you become a hot market for advertisers. When you rank your website, you will be getting a lot of visitors to your website so advertisers will also want to put their ads on your website.

How To Check Your Website Ranking

Download the Alexa Traffic Rank Chrome Extension. To find it, just google “Alexa Traffic Rank Google Chrome”

Click on that first link and then it should bring you to the next page below.

Ensure that it is the correct one. You can tell this, when you see the offered by, and the 4.5 star rating and the large number of users.  When you confirm all these details, then click on a blue button on the right that should say “Add To Chrome”. Wait for the extension to be added to chrome and that’s it.


Now that you have installed the Google Chrome Extension. You will want to check your website ranking. It is very simple. All you have to do is click on the Alexa ranking toolbar which you should see on your browser. It has a blue circle with “a” on it.

Currently I started this website just about 4 months ago and you can see my ranking. When you first start out your website, your alexa ranking will be about 17,000,000 (17 million). As you rank higher it decreases. It’s kinda weird here because we are supposed to say increasing. But  I hope you get the point. As you rank higher, you are coming close to 1.

Increase Your Domain Authority And Page Authority

As your alexa ranking increases, your domain authority and page authority increases too. Here is how to find out the level of your domain authority and page authority.

Go to google and type “Domain Authority Checker”.

Click on it and you should go the page below.

Type in the name of your website including the http or https part. Use the example format above.

You should see your domain authority and page authority as in the screenshot below.

DA is for Domain Authority, and PA is for Page Authority.

Now Like I said before, when you start out your website newly, your website ranking will around 17,000,000 and your domain authority and page authority will be around 0 or 1. These things will take time. Currently as I am writing this, it has been just about 4 months of consistent content creation from me.

Yes, when you keep creating content consistently, that is SEO optimized and share it on social media always, you will be increasing your ranking, domain authority and page authority. Although this is typically for blogs but this post is about how to find advertisers for any type of website you have. The truth is that most business who are not even blogs today, are including blogs in their website as they have realized that it helps a lot to increase domain authority, page authority and alexa ranking.

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So How Do You Find Advertisers With Your Ranked Website, Domain Authority And Page Authority?

Yes. Here is my own tip on how to find advertises with your ranked website. Follow the steps below.

. Find similar websites like yours that have the same niche, and have private sponsored ads, and not ads from an adnetwork (you will notice this when you see their advertising price written below the banner ads on their page).

Let me show you a typical example.

When you look above you will see where it says, just right below the banner “Banner cost $100 per Month”. This shows that that banner ad, is not coming from an advertising network, rather, it’s a private sponsored banner ad.

So when you find similar websites like this that you can compare to yours, then go and click the banner ad, to visit the advertisers website. When you visit the advertisers website, scroll down to the footer and you will see their contact information. It could be social media, or email, or a form to fill.

Find out the alexa ranking, domain authority and page authority of the website you saw the advertisers banner ads on. Make sure it is comparable or exactly the same with yours. If yours is higher, then that’s better.

Then contact the advertiser using the form or contact details on his website footer. Show him the screenshot proofs that your website is ranked the same with their publishers website (the website they are advertising with). Then ask them to advertise with you for a very much cheaper rate. In the case above, the advertising cost was $100 for 1 month. In your case you can reduce it to $70 or $60 for 1 month.

Do not give up if you don’t get a yes on the first trial. Keep looking out for more people.



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