How To Earn Thousands Of Dollars With Bitcoin Faucets

In this post I am going to tell how to earn thousands of dollars with bitcoin faucets

What Are Bitcoin Faucets

Before I start, I would tell what bitcoin is in a very simple way for anyone who is hearing it for the first time. Bitcoin is a digital currency just like paypal, perfectmoney, etc that you can exchange into real money in your local currency. However, it is more than that. Its a crypto currency that is mineable. You and I can produce it by solving problems using our computers.  I want to keep it as simple as this because that’s not what the post is about. But I think it is necessary to help first time readers understand this post more. Ok, so what are Bitcoin Faucets?

Bitcoin Faucets are websites that allow you to claim bitcoin for free. You simply visit the website and collect bitcoin. Some of them allow you to collect as many as you want with no time limit, for example MoonBitcoin. Others allow you to claim bitcoin every 5 minutes, 30 minutes or 1 hour.

Why Do Bitcoin Faucets Give You Bitcoin For Free?

Yep! That’s a great question anyone would ask with reason. Well, Bitcoin faucets do this as an incentive to get people into the world of bitcoin. This is the same with other cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. Bitcoin Faucets give you bitcoin for free to introduce you to the word of bitcoin. They want you to see the coin, know about how it works, see how you can withdraw it into your wallet, and exchange it into real money. By doing this, you become familiar with the coin, and may want to keep using it, or delve more into it and find out the importance. Find out why it was created, etc, and maybe how to improve it.

Now It’s going to be harder to introduce people into cryptocurrency or Bitcoin if there was no incentive, because people already have money. They probably woun’t see any need to take a look at cryptocurrency. In simple statement. It’s is an advertisement or marketing strategy for bitcoin.

So Where Do Bitcoin Faucets Get The Free Bitcoins They Give You From?

Another great question here :-). Well, They monetize their websites with lots of ads. When you visit most bitcoin faucet websites, you will notice that there are lots of banner advertisements showing on the pages. Some even have pop under advertisements, promoting other websites. Yes they get paid by the websites or companies they are promoting, every time that you see those ads on their page, while claiming the free coins. So in turn, they share some of that money with you in Bitcoin. That is how and where they get the bitcoins they give you from.

Can Bitcoin Faucets Make You Rich?

The answer is Yes and No.

If you are a bitcoin newbie, and reading about bitcoin and bitcoin faucets for the first time, you will probably be excited at free money. You are probably going to be like Gosh! So I can claim free money from hundreds of websites out there. Yes!!! I’m going to be rich!!!

It’s ok. You could be right and wrong at the same time :-). In fact, you are probably wrong in this case but like I said, You could be right!

You see bitcoin faucets on their own alone cannot make you rich no matter how many websites you claim from, and how many hours a day you spend on them. If you take it serious, you could probably end up making $1 to $3 a day in my speculation. But you’ll be working you butt off for many hours just for it. It woun’t be worth it. But I have got a strategy for you, on how you can turn your earnings from bitcoin faucets into thousands of dollars.

How To Earn Thousands Of Dollars With Bitcoin Faucets

So since your bitcoin faucets earnings are worth very little. Here’s how to turn those earnings into thousands of dollars tomorrow. Did you know there are thousands of other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin? Did you know that everyday, many more are coming into the cryptocurrency market. At least Tens of new cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are coming into the market every day. The thing is spreading like wildfire. They are called alt coins.

If you want to find out about all cryptocurrency coins that are already recognized in the market, and could be bought or sold and exchanged with your local currency, then visit CoinMarketCap. Here is how it looks below.

If you scroll down on coinmarketcap there are thousands of more coins there. I cannot screenshot all of them. And almost every day new coins are coming in.

All these coins are exchangeable to BTC to and fro, and from BTC you can exchange them to your real money as you already know. Most of these coins come into the market at a very small value. Some of them are worth just $0.001 per coin, and some of them are even worth just $0.00001 per coin, and they are headed for growth in future. Some of them would be worth $0.1, $1, $20 and up like that in future. A good example of this is verge coin. When you go to coinmarketcap, check out verge coin. This coin in the past 3 to 4 years was worth around $0.00001 or near per coin. That is 1 verge = $0.00001 USD.  But did you know that in 2017, this coin value escalated to $0.23 per coin. 1 verge was = $0.23 USD. 🙂

Now, in those years when it was worth around $0.00001 per coin, with $1 which is currently 0.00016000 BTC you could have bought 100,000 verge coins. Now in 2017 when 1 verge coin went up to $0.23, if you sold it you could have made $23,000 USD and turned $1 to $23,000 USD in 4 years. Not too bad if you ask me. And currently as I am writing this, that would worth 3.5 BTC.

So think about it. The truth is, there are many other coins in coinmarketcap, that are going to do the same thing verge did. And I mean many coins. Verge was not the only coin that did this. I just used it as an example. Even the Bitcoin we’re talking about was just worth 10 cents per coin in 2009. In 2017 Bitcoin went up to $20,000 per coin, and now in 2018, it is still worth $6600 USD.  Not bad if you ask me. I mean what if you bought 20,000 bitcoin when it was worth just 10 cents in 2009? 🙂

My Point

So in the same way, you could change your future just claiming free bitcoins on many websites and exchanging it into these new coins that are just worth around $0.00001 or $0.0001. 16,000 satoshi (0.00016000 BTC) which you can earn from faucets in under 2 days, could buy you a hundred thousand (100,000) of a coin. And if that coin ever hits anywhere near 20 cents in future, you have made $23,000 from that alone.

You just need to properly secure the coins wallet key, passphrase etc.

See CryptoCurrency And Bitcoin Faucet Websites Here

I’m sorry for a very long post if this was long. I hope you got value from this. Please leave a comment, etc if you have one. Thank you for reading. I like to hear your thoughts on this. Also, please click the share button. It woun’t take much time, and share this to others. Thank you 🙂


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  1. Maple Meusa says:

    I was very pleased to find this web-site.I wanted to thanks for your time for this wonderful read!! I definitely enjoying every little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you blog post.

  2. Sandra Warren says:

    Just wish I could understand it better. I just really need to make some good money. So sick of all the scams out there.

    • dbundus says:

      Hello, I am willing to explain everything you want to know, until you understand everything totally.

      That’s what I am here for. You can ask me as many questions as you want.

      I love to make sure that you are satisfied. Only problem would just be time.

      As long as I have it, I will answer your questions. And currently, I have time. So let me explain more.

      But before I continue, if you are tired of scam, then join my own website where you earn doing easy things, and I really pay.

      Then put these earnings in crypto, and soon you should have thousands of $$$ . Now let me explain more.

      You see there are some great crypto currencies out there, that are still very cheap in price,

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      In fact, there’s a lot of expectation that by December,

      there will be another great increase in the price of all crypto currencies

      just like what happened in 2017 when bitcoin went from 1k to 20k usd. You can find all cryptocurrencies list on

      Some of these cryptocurrencies at cheap price are worth just between $0.0001 to $0.01 .

      So the idea here is earn the little change you get from these faucets

      and dump them into these cheap good cryptocurrencies so when the price skyrockets later, you end up making big money out of them.

      However, now, you may not even need the faucets anymore, because I have created a website where you can earn more than what you earn on the faucets monthly.

      I wrote this post way back before I created the site. Because my readers were complaining that they don’t trust some sites to pay,

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      With paidpoints, it is possible to earn extra income of $300 – $500 monthly.

      If you dump these earnings on great cryptocurrencies, which I can recommend,

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      Always feel free to ask me any questions if you wish to.

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