How To Earn Money With URL Shorteners and File Upload Websites and Many More (Multiple methods)

How to earn money with url shorteners and file upload websites

In this post, I am going to tell you strategies to earn money with any website that pays you to share anything. These includes link shorteners, like, that pay you for link views, file uploading websites that pay you when anyone downloads the file you upload, and any other type of website that pays you for similar things.

Strategy One

The YouTube Super Star Strategy.

Go to YouTube and find a YouTube Super Star. This could be anyone with above 100,000 subscribers and gets regular daily video views of at least 20,000 on his/her channel. Find out what his channel topic is all about, and the type of videos he makes, that his audience loves. Then prepare a valuable free giveaway on that topic. It could be anything. Even an E-book will do.  As a side note, I have lots of free e-books on many niches. If you need one, you can leave a comment in the comment section below. 

So after you have got the e-book ready, set up a single page website with the link to download the e-book on the home page. You can use WordPress for this. Then shorten that link to download the ebook with the URL shortener of your choice. You can find many of them here “Paid To Share Websites“. put it behind the download link  that says download ebook 100% free. You can do this easily with WordPress. If you have any questions, just leave your comments below. I will answer. I can also help you set up your website for free, if you are going to pay for your hosting. If you are going to use free hosting, then you will pay me directly. Again, use the comment section if you need service.

Note: If you are using a file uploading website for this, then you don’t need to create a website. You simply upload it to the file uploading website and shorten the link to the download page with URL shortener of your choice. See File Uploading websites that pay here: File Upload Websites That Pay You For Download.

So, Now that you have got your website set up completely. Contact the YouTuber. You can do so through the comment section or “more officially” by going to the about section of his channel, and you will find his business email there. As for me, I don’t have a problem contacting them through the comment section or private message section. But you can chose which way you want from the two ways I have mentioned.

To get them notice your comment, Simply wait for their next video upload and be the first to leave a comment on it. In the comment section, tell them that you have something valuable for their audience. First you can try to see if they will let you put it in their description box for free. However, that may not be very effective. I prefer going the business way.

So tell them that you will pay them some amount of money to make a special video about the free e-book giveaway, and specially call their audience to action to download the e-book. Because the audience trust the YouTuber, they are going to download the e-book, which is on their niche of interest.

You can choose to pay the YouTuber upfront, or later. Make an agreement with him/her.

You can make fast money in just one day with this. If his video gets about 20,000 views in a day. You can get at least 5,000 downloads a day on that file. Some URL shorteners will pay you up to $14,000 per 1000 downloads. some others pay up to $7. And the next day, you can still get more downloads from more viewers on the same video. Use the profit you make to scale this up.

This is my first message on how to earn money with url shorteners and file upload websites

You can leave a question below if there’s any confusion.


Strategy Two

The YouTube Popular Video Strategy

Go to YouTube and find a very popular video that was just uploaded like around 2 day ago or at worst 1 week ago and already has over 10 million views. You can do this by using the filter option in the YouTube search bar. You can filter by views, upload date and many more. Set your filters correctly and find a video that was recently uploaded and is very popular. You can use a video that has 8 million views or a little bit less.

You can commonly find these type of videos from popular YouTubers but you could also find it from less popular YouTubers if the topic of the video is breaking news or something similar.

Now make a very entertaining reaction video to that video or say your own opinion about it. Make the video entertaining and informative. Then upload it on YouTube immediately. Do not use a video that is more than one week old. In fact, it will be better if the video was just uploaded 2 days ago or less.

So after you have made your reaction or opinion video, then upload it to YouTube on your channel. If you don’t have one, you can easily create one as long as you have a gmail account. Once you have uploaded the video, title it the same title with the original video and add the original uploaders name beside it for more attention (orginal uploaer is the Popular YouTuber who uploaded it) Also indicate that it is your reaction to the video.

Here is an example of how the title could go ‘My Reaction To Pewdipie’s Channel Exposed’ This is just an example. Use the title of the video you want to make a reaction to.

Also use a chrome plug in like vid iq or tube buddy, to find out the tags that the original uploader used in his video. By using the same tags he used, you video is likely to appear as recommended video to anyone who is watching his video and is likely to sip views from his own.

Next go to his channel and make a comment about your reaction video which you made about that video in your own channel. Please do not put your link there or else the comment will not show.

Now, on your channel video description, put a link to download a free e book on how to create a very popular YouTube Channel Like Original Uploader and Make A Lot Of Money in just 3 days With No Investment.

Create your single page website and put the link to the e-book there, shortened with url shortener. Check step one for more information on creating the single page website or you can easily hire someone to do this for you for $5 on Fiverr

Strategy Three

The New Movie Release Strategy

Find a very popular movie, especially a seasonal movie that everyone loves to watch, and find out the last season that was released. For example, lets say “Fast and Furious Season 8” was the last release of the “Fast and Furious seasonal movie”. Then find out when season 9 is planned to be released. Once the date is getting closer, before the release. Prepare your download page ready and your download link ready. Create a video on YouTube titled “Fast and Furious Season 9 Trailer Preview”  You can get and part of fast and furious season 8, and use it on the trailer, and you can get more creative by editing it a bit just to make some difference. Just 3 minutes clip is all you need.

Upload it on YouTube and, put some captions while the video is playing, saying  “Click the link in the description box below to download full movie today FREE” Also go to Facebook movie groups with over 1 million members, or hundreds thousands of members, and post it. Make sure you join only public groups. That way, you don’t need an admin to approve your post. Because people are expecting this movie release by this date, you will get lots of clicks on your link.


Strategy Four

The Google Alerts Method

This method is vast. You can use it on almost any topic or niche. But I am going to use celebrities in this example to explain it.

First. Before I begin, I will like to let you know that you can set up google alerts for almost anything you want. You could set up google alerts for any celebrity you want, any food you want, anything at all. When you do this, Google will automatically alert you in email of any post on the internet that contains the celebrity, food or anything name, that you set alert for. And you can set alert for as many names or as little as you want.

So in this case, Let’s say your favorite celebrity or movie actor is Martin Lawrence. Then find all movie forums, all Facebook groups about movie, all black communities, all communities that love Martin Lawrence. Join them, and then set up google alerts for any new post that comes up on google with the name Martin Lawrence in it. Once it happens you will receive inbox notification for that, with a link to the post.

Now you can make your own interesting story from the post, and go to the movie communities you have joined, and link them to it. This works best, if the post has something to do with fails, celeb leaks, etc.


Strategy Five

The Game Download and Game Cheats Method

Lots of people like games, and many people play it everyday. For example, gaming is one of the biggest things done on YouTube. There are also many game forums out there. So simply find a very popular game. I am GTA freak though. 🙂  Sorry about that :-). So Let’s say GTA V was the last release of the game. I don’t know which version will be the last by the time you are reading this. But Let’s say GTA V was the last release, then you already know GTA VI or GTA 6 is the next expected release.

There are two things you can do here. First you can capitalize on the GTA V which people are still playing and enjoying or you can bank on GTA 6 which a lot of people are expecting.

If you are going to use GTA V, then you are going to use the cheats method. However, if you are going to use GTA 6, then you are going to use the download method.

So for the current game GTA V, prepare a cheat document. You can find cheats everywhere, if you search google properly. However, there are some people who do not know how to do this at all. So do the job for them. Find the GTA 5 Cheats, to do amazing things. Then compile them, and go to the gaming forums, especially the GTA Forums and start advertising your cheats. To get thousands of views quickly, go to YouTube and find GTA gamers who have millions of subscribers and get millions of views on every video. One of them used to be named expert thief.

Then simply wait for the release of their next video. Be the first to put a comment there, before millions of others view the video. In your comment say that you have all the new cheats on this game, and put the name of your website but don’t put link. Example, you can put the name of your website like this: mygtacheats dot com

For GTA 6, simply follow the same procedure, but instead of compiling cheats, you are going to create post on GTA forums, and other GTA communities including YouTube, and title it something like this ” GTA 6 Game Trailer Released, Way Better Than GTA 5. Watch For Free Now”. Put the link you have shortened at the appropriate place. If it’s a forum, and you are allowed to put the link in the post, then put it there. If it is YouTube, then put it in the description box, and put a message on the screen that says “Click the link in the description box below to visit my website and watch more videos”.

Strategy Six

The Music Album Strategy

Everyone loves music. It’s hardwired into the senses right? Yes! Simply find a popular artist, and capitalize on his yet to be released album. You can pick some preview music on SoundCloud. Put it on YouTube and let it play for like 30 to 45 Seconds. Then put message on the screen that says “Download The Full Album For Free Today”. Put the link to your download in the description box. Music is a hot thing and always ever green. You will get many downloads. All you really need to do here is find out the name of the new album before it gets released.

So here you are with six great methods to bank in on URL Link Shorteners that pay you per link view. Please feel free to leave a comment below, and tell me what you think. It’s a pleasure to hear from you. Share with your friends too. Thank you.


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