How To Earn Money From Your Blog In 10 Ways

How To Earn Money From Your Blog

In this post, I am going to show you many ways to monetize your blog and start earning money from it from today.

Some of these methods could also be applied to any other type of website you have, even if it is not a blog. However, I am writing this post with blog in mind.

If you haven’t set up your blog first, then please refer to these posts to see how you can set up your blog. The first post is on How To Buy Your Domain Name And Host It. The second post is on How To Install WordPress In Less Than 1 Minute, and start up your website.

After you have completely set up your website, now it is time to monetize it. Note that, you will not make any money just because you monetized it. You will need to drive traffic to your website to make money from it. Traffic simply means people visiting your website. Once you have traffic on your blog, then now you can make money from it.

So lets go into the methods you can use to earn money from your blog.

Methods You Can Use To Earn Money From Your Blog

Method 1


Magenet is an advertising website that will pay you to put ads on your website. Even if users don’t click on the ads you still get paid.  All you need to qualify to sign up with magenet, is for your domain authority, and page authority to reach 10. To find out your domain authority level and your page authority level, visit here and type in your domain name in the text box.

Below is an example picture of how your result should look.

DA stands for Domain Authority, and PA stands for Page Authority. If your DA and PA is up to 10, then you can sign up on Magenet.

Note: There are not many great reviews about magenet, however, I came across some comments on some websites that say, they have been working with them and they pay.

Note Also: Magenet sells link on your website and although you can earn good steady bucks with it, it could bring some Google penalties to your ranking.

I only thought about including them in these methods because, they are the only website I have seen so far, with this type of monetization opportunity where you get paid a specific range of amount every month, whether the ads on your website gets clicked on or not.

Method 2

Advertising Networks

This is the basic method to earn money from your blog that almost every website owner knows. You simply sign up to an advertising network of your choice, select the type of adverts you want to place on your website, and then, they will give you  a code, you copy that code and place on exactly where you want the ads to be displayed on your website, and boom, you start earning money whenever anyone views or clicks any of the ads. It is that simple.

Below are some of the advertising networks that will let you sign up and start earning money immediately with no requirements. Click on their names if you want to visit them.

Advertising Networks That Will Let You Sign Up And Start Earning With No Approval

PropellerAds (Very Popular Contextual Ad Network Like Google Adsense)

Almost everyone likes this network, and I used to like it so much before. But for some reasons, It’s not my favorite anymore. Please Read about my story with it here before you start using them. However, they are still one of the most popular ad networks, best alternative to adsense.

BitcoAdz (One Of The Best Ad Networks For CryptoCurrency Related Websites)

This ad network is the most popular I have currently seen for cryptocurrency related websites, that allows you to sign up and monetize your website with no requirements at all. They also have CPM ads, which you can place on your website and will pay you even if no one clicks on your ads.

CoinZilla (Another Great Ad Network For Crypto Related Websites)

The only requirements that coinzilla has is that your website alexa ranking is below 1 million.

To find out about your alexa ranking, simply type on google “Alexa toolbar chrome extension” click on the first link and install the toolbar. Once you do that, you will see a little chrome extension icon with ‘a’ in a blue round shape appear on your chrome browser. Visit your website and click on it, and you should see your alexa ranking there. Below is an example screenshot.

If your ranking on the left side is less than 1,000,000 , then you can sign up with coinzilla.

Method 3

Affiliate Marketing

Here is one of the best ways to earn money from your blog. This one is the most popularly used method by many website owners, because the earning potential here is very high. Affiliate marketing is simply promoting other peoples website, products, and services and getting paid if anyone, signs up, or buys something through the help of your promotion.

The reason why this is very profitable, and one of the best ways to earn money online with or without your website is this. Some affiliate marketing companies will pay you not just one time, but forever! Just for bringing one person to their website to make a purchase from them, they will keep paying you whenever the user makes another payment to them.

To monetize your blog with affiliate marketing, you simply sign up on the website you want to promote it’s products or services, look for their referral or affiliate link, and copy it. Then make a review about the website services and include your link in the post. When anyone makes a purchase, you get a commission. Some websites pay one time, others pay forever.

Method 4

Sponsored Posts

Here is another good way to earn money from your blog. This method simply involves having other bloggers, and website owners, whose content is related to yours, include their content on your website to gain more exposure, and pay you upfront for that.

Method 5

Banner Ads

This is is also another way to earn money from your blog. On the right side of this website, on the two side bars, the white and the black. You could see some places where it says Click here to advertise here, or you could see some banners showing some kind of advertisements. Yes, You could have other website owners put banner adverts of their websites with link to their website behind it, and have it show on your website.

You will charge them upfront for this. You could charge up to $20 per week for one banner display or up to $700 per month for a banner display on your website. It all depends on how popular your website is, and your choice of cost.

Method 6

Create A Course On Your Niche

Another way to earn money from your blog is to create a special course to teach your audience what you are doing and they will buy it if they trust and like your content.

Method 7

Recommended Tools

You can also earn money from your blog by bringing together some tools you have used that helped you to grow and you trust them. Review them and recommend them for your audience including your affiliate links in the reviews.

Method 8

Write E-Book On Your Niche And Put It On Amazon Kindle

Since you already have a blog website, that you have been putting posts on, you are likely to have in-depth knowledge in your niche or topic. You can simply put together some posts on your website and make them into an e-book. Put it on sale at amazon kindle and many other alternatives to it. If your website is very reputable, then people will easily buy the book because they trust that you know what you are saying.

Also it will be more profitable if you include some affiliate links in the books, so that some readers who may be interested in the product or service you recommend in your e-book(s) could make you money when they purchase or use the service from the link in your e-book. This is like an indirect way to earn money from your blog, but it still works. Also you are going to be drawing traffic from amazon kindle to your blog.

Method 9

Put A Hire Me, Consultant, Or Personal Coach Link On Your Website

As long as you have a website, and you have been running it for sometime, you definitely have some skill or some knowledge that you can teach or guide others on. You can earn money from your blog with this. Simply put a Hire Me, Consultant, Or Personal Coach Link on your website. You simply get paid when they hire you, either to perform a task for them, or to guide them on how you achieved a certain success.

Method 10

Create A Membership Section For Exclusive Content

You can earn money from your blog by creating a membership section where you offer exclusive content to only special people who pay for it. This exclusive content will not be seen by free members. The exclusive content should sound catchy enough, and should really be something people cannot do without, in order to ensure that they will be willing to pay for it.

There are definitely more ways you can earn money from your blog, but these are the ones I have for you for the moment. If you implement these methods above properly, you will definitely be making a killing from your website, especially if you have great traffic.

Please feel free to leave a comment here, or ask a question. Also share with your friends who may need this type of information. If this helped you, you may also consider bookmarking this website, or subscribing to my email list using the form on the bottom right side of this website, so that you will receive new posts when I make them.


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