Getting Approved In ShareASale Network (What I Did)

It is my great pleasure to write this. I just got approved in ShareASale Network. My long time dream network. Here is the email I got from them.

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Wohoo! Congratulations. I remember applying for this network 2 years ago, twice, and didn’t get approved.

What Is ShareASale?

ShareASale is one of the best affiliate networks out there, if not the best. It is a great network where publishers and advertisers are connected. Publishers make money by promoting advertisers website while advertisers get more visitors, sign ups and sales on their website. Note that publishers are website owners and advertisers are website owners too. Although I personally consider it compulsory for any publisher to own a website, you can still be a publisher without owning a website.

The difference between publishers and advertisers here is their interest. Publisher is looking to earn money from the affiliate network through promoting other websites, while advertiser is looking to get more visitors, sign ups and sales through the help of publishers promotion. So in this sense, a publisher can become an advertiser in another affiliate network, and vice versa.

Why Am I So Intrigued About ShareASale ?

Well, ShareASale has about almost every good program I will like to promote to make money online. There are many of them. I usually websites privately and click on their affiliate program link on their footer while looking for great programs to promote. I can tell you that I have come across many very good ones that are partnered with ShareASale network and I could only promote them if I joined ShareASale network.

Like I said, I tried to get approved in this network 2 years ago but couldn’t. I have seen some programs in ShareASale network that will pay you about a whooping $50 to get someone to sign up for free trial on their website. YES! that’s true. The person doesn’t have pay anything on sign up, but you will get paid a BIG $50 if he signs up for a free trial. Isn’t that very cool?


Getting Approved In ShareASale Network – How I Got Approved.

Ok. I was lucky to save some of the information I entered while signing up on ShareASale network. However, I didn’t save all. I only saved the information I gave them about how I will promote their products or bring traffic. I believe this information is one of the most important ones when it comes to getting approved in ShareASale network. Here is what I said about how I will promote products.

“I create content in the make money online niche teaching people how to build a business and make money online through websites. I get traffic from search engines, social media, and YouTube.”

Please note that I can’t guarantee that you will get approved if you put the same thing there, but that’s what I put. Besides, you shouldn’t put the same exact words, you could twist them, rephrase them, to even make it better. Imagine if everyone reading this post were to put in the same words above, it wouldn’t be the best.

Also, I didn’t get response from ShareASale network 6 days after I applied. It was on a Saturday that I applied so it was weekend and I guess they weren’t working. However, the following Thursday, I mailed them and asked them to please approve my application, that I will really like to work with them, and my application has been pending for 6 days.

I got the same application approved email on that same Thursday. 🙂

More Of The Story

Another thing that I really believe was a plus to my approval is this website. I have a website! and the website has content in it. They recommended me to use my official email which includes the domain name of my website to prove that I own the website.

According to them, it will speed up the approval process. I did, and I also think this helped. Also you may want to check that your website alexa ranking is below 1 million before applying.

I hope this has helped you get some tips of what to do when applying to ShareASale affiliate network. Before getting approved in ShareASale network, I applied to RevenueWire providing the same type of information, but it got declined.

Give ShareASale a trial today. Join and Earn Cash.

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