Get Rewarded For Posting Commenting Liking And Sharing On UpTrennd

Hello readers, I found another website today where you can get rewarded for posting commenting liking and sharing other peoples post. As you can already see from the title, the website is called UpTrennd. So…

What Is Uptrennd?

Uptrennd is a cryptocurrency discussion website that pays you for posting commenting liking and sharing other peoples post. But more than that, Uptrennd is a cryptocurrency itself. You get rewarded with Uptrennd cryptocurrency for performing the specified tasks above. You can sell this uptrennd cryptocurrency for real cash and withdraw the cash to your local bank account.

UpTrennd CryptoCurrency Value On CMC

So if you haven’t heard about CMC. It is called CoinMarketCap and you can click on that name to visit the website. There you will find list of many cryptocurrencies and more information about them. Click here to see the current information about UpTrennd. Currently as I am writing this post, 1 UpTrennd coin is worth $0.00622 usd. But by the time you are reading this, the price may be different because cryptocurrencies are very volatile in nature.


So you get rewarded for posting in uptrennd with uptrennd cryptocurrency which you can see the current price in the image above. These prices are set to sky rocket in future, so it is worth getting them now, even if the price is worth little than you expect. You can also buy the uptrennd token directly from the exchanges that sell it. You can find these exchanges using the Uptrennd CMC link above, under the “Markets” tab.

They also have a telegram channel where you can visit them and find out more information if you need to. Join their telegram here

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