Get Paid To Read Books

OnlineBookClub.Org will pay you to read and review books online. You simply sign up and you will find lots of books to review from their shelves. You will have to become a member for up to a week before you are able to pick a book to review. The first book you will be given to review will be for free so you will not get paid to do that.

After your first review, you will start getting paid reviews. Each book review will pay you about $5 to $60.

You have to be very honest here when reviewing the books. You must not say Good things about the book. The main thing you should do here is be honest about what you think about the book.

Payment is by Paypal.


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2 Responses

  1. Almira A. says:

    I think Booksta is a more efficient way to get coins from Books. It’s not kind of a job but the best way to get motivated for reading more books. There’re options to use coins for coupons, offers, and donations. You can find it in Google Playstore

    • dbundus says:

      Hello. Thanks for letting me know about Booksta. I have just checked it out and it seems to be a very good app. 🙂

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