Get Paid For Posting Content On Steemit – $79 in 3 hours

Get Paid For Posting Content On Steemit

In case you did not know. It is very possible to still earn money from writing blog posts, even without your own blog. Besides article writing websites that will pay you to write articles which I have in my Paid To Write section, on this website. There are are some other websites that will pay you to post good blog content.

Steemit is one of them. It is a great platform that pays you to make a blog post on their platform. Here is how it works.

When you make a blog post on Steemit, you earn money every time someone likes or upvotes your post, depending on the voting power or Steem power of the person.

You can earn up to $60 or more, instantly when someone with a high Steem power upvotes your posts. I have seem some people who make a post, and before 4 hours, they have already earned more than $100 from that post.

Check this out

First post, poster roelandp has already made $79.39 on a post he made just 3 hours ago.

Second poster dzivenu already made $60.88 in a post he made 5 hours ago

Also I have heard rumours that some people connect with people who have high steem powers, and ask them to help upvote their post. I don’t know how true it is, but I know it is possible. However, that is not how the system is meant to be.

But yes! You can make easy and quick money from this website. You can get paid for posting good content on Steemit.

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