Get Paid $10 To Write Anything You Know That Is Rare

Get Paid $10 To Write Anything You Know

KnowledgeNuts will pay you $10 through PayPal to submit post on anything that you know, that is less known by other people. It could be anything at all.  Here are the things to take into consideration before you submit your post.

  1. You need to affirm that you are the original writer of the text you submit.
  2. You need to affirm that you own all the rights and copyrights of the post you submit, and that it is not published elsewhere. (Do not let this scare you away. There is no content on the web that is not already published somewhere else. It is hard to come across such contents. All you have to do is to find many contents on the web, and get creative with them. Combine them and make a new invention out of it. Create a new idea out of it. That is how every new development in this world works, basically. Improve on contents and add new things to them, then submit. Also, any time an idea comes to your mind, remember to write it down immediately and come here, and submit it to KnowledgeNuts. You get paid $10 for it.)
  3. This one is the hardest part, but you will have to agree with that. You have to give up your content copyright, solely to KnowledgeNuts just for $10 payment. Don’t worry about this. You can always find new contents and ideas from around the web, and mix it up. At least it is better to get paid for your content, than having it live with you, and you don’t make living off of it.

Retain The Copyright For Your Content And Still Earn From It

However, if you want to make a living off of your own content, and still get paid to write anything you know while retaining the rights to it, then you should start your own website like this one.

Also, I offer to create your website for free if you want one. Simply use the menu link on the menu above under the blue header, starting from the first link on the left.

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