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Get paid $50 for any one you refer to us who needs a website 👍 

Make sure to give him your email, he will have to enter it while filling out our website setup info form, and we will communicate with you for payment through that email after deal is closed.

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Types of Website


1. Blog

2. Personal Website

3. Business Website

4. Forum Website

5. Social Network

6. School Management System

7. Buy and Sell Market Place (Classified Ads)

8. Buy and Sell Freelance Market Place Like or

9. Online Shop For Physical Products Like

10. Online Shop For Digital Downloads

11. Local Online Shop For Local Restaurants, etc

12. Video Website Like Youtube

13. Music Upload And Streaming Website Like

14. CryptoCurrency (HYIP) High Yield Investment Program

15. CryptoCurrency Exchange/Trading Website Like Binance (Dex (peer to peer) or Non Dex)

16. CryptoCurrency Mining Website

17. CryptoCurrency Watch List Like

18. CryptoCurrency Exchanger Like

19. Crypto Currency Faucet Rotator

20. Crypto Currency Dice Gambling Website (Casino)

21. Coupon Website

22. Url Link Shortener Website like

23. Advertising Network Website Like Google Adsense

24. Job Board or Job Listing Website

25. Business Directory Website

26. Car, Taxi Booking Website

27. Hotel Booking Website

28. Email Marketing Web Application Like or

29. Bulk SMS Website

30. Online File Sharing Website (Cloud Storage Included)

31. Social Media Market Website (Schedule and Automate Posts On Multi Social Media)

32. Website Reviewer and Analytics

33. GPT/OfferWall/Survey Website Like


If your type of website is not listed above, please enter it in the “Post Content” text area above.

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