FreelanceForCoins Review – Post Your Skill And Get Paid

FreelanceForCoins is a new freelance website where you can post your skills and get paid in crypto currencies as a freelancer when someone hires you. If you want to hire someone, you can also post your job there or select one of the freelancers who has already posted his skills on the platform.

Who Is A Freelancer

A freelancer is one who works for people based on contract. He is free to end the contract when he doesn’t want to work again, and there will be no penalties for that. He is free to work for more than two clients at the same time. It is nobody’s business but his alone. A freelancer is free to work from anywhere in the world. I hope this makes a bit of sense.

How Is FreelanceForCoins Different From Other Freelancer Websites

If you have been into Freelancing before, then you must have heard about some famous freelance websites like upwork, freelancer, peopleperhour, fiverr (fiverr is more like a task site, but still falls under freelancing website but with different website design)

The major way that FreelanceForCoins is very different from other popular freelance websites is that it pays you in crypto currencies. Crypto currencies are actually a digital way of making transactions that is growing. Cryptocurrencies let you receive your funds from anywhere in the world. Some of the most popular crypto currencies are BTC (Bitcoin), ETH (Ethereum), LTC (Litecoin). You can browse on google and learn more about them.

Get Paid $2 To Bring Anyone To FreelanceForCoins

FreelanceForCoins currently pays anyone $2 to bring people to sign up on their website and post their skills or post a project that they want freelancers with the right skills to complete.

Here is how it works. Sign up on FreelanceForCoins and click on affiliate program, then select which cryptocurrency you want to get paid in, BTC, ETC, or BCH, and enter your wallet address there.

Now you will see your affiliate link. Simply share this and get paid when any one signs up from your link, posts his skills that he wants to get hired for, or posts a project that he wants others to complete, and the post gets approved.

Once the post gets approved, you get payed your $2. As simple as that. Currently they have about 96 spots left. So if you take action, you can earn up to $300 quickly.

Why You Should Post Your Skills Now On FreelanceForCoins

FreelanceForCoins is actually new, and are not yet very strict in acceptance. It could be very easy to get hired here quicker than you would on already top saturated freelance websites out there. If you have worked in top freelance websites like upwork, then you should know how hard it is actually to get accepted there as a new freelancer.

I am a typical example of Upwork strictness and currently, my account is suspended.

(suspended account image here)

Why was my account suspended on upwork? Simply because, I applied for jobs without getting hired. Can you really imagine that. The message I got was that I applied for too many jobs without getting hired so my account is suspended. I think it is a strategy to reduce the number of freelancers on their website.

So if you are a newbie looking to work from home using a freelance website where you can post your skills and get hired, then this is it.

FreelanceForCoins is one of the best options for you. It will be much easier to get hired there than on popular freelance websites.

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