First Things You Should Do Immediately After Setting Up Your Blog On WordPress

Now you have set up your blog by installing WordPress. You should have your website up and running. To check this, simply open your browser and type in the domain name you just registered and hosted. For example “”. You should use your real domain name here. Now you should see your blog showing up like other blogs, but with a WordPress default theme, default post, and a default comment.

You may not like the look. You may want a more beautiful template or design like mine (if it is still beautiful at the time you are reading this 🙂 ). But don’t worry, we will change it, and have your blog looking professional and beautiful like others who you admire. Let’s get started.

Delete The Sample Post And Sample Page

Simply log into your WordPress dashboard and click on “Posts” then “All Posts” and delete the default post, the “Hello World” post.

Do the same thing for the Pages. Click on “Pages” then “All Pages” and delete the “Sample Page”. See image below.

Then lastly click on “Comments” and delete the default comment.

Set Up Your Permalinks

I made this particular mistake. I didn’t do it on time, and when I went back to do it, it cost me a lot. 

What are permalinks? They are basically the links that lead to each and every post on your WordPress blog. Permalinks help search engines like Google find your website and your blog posts easily.

You need to change the structure of your permalinks to be very search engine friendly (easy for search engine to recognize what the post is talking about).

Click on the “Settings” from the left menu, then click on “Permalinks”. Then it should bring you to the page below

Select the “Post name” permalink marked in red in the image above.

This will make your blog posts links show only your domain name, and your blog post tile and keywords (Keywords are what people search on google to find your website or blog post) . Example, “ to create a website/” . This format is easier for search engines to read and can help you get more organic traffic to your website. (Organic traffic is traffic that comes from search engines)

Set The Discussion & Comments Settings

Click on “Settings”, then click on “Discussion” then use this image below to set it up correctly.

Install Wordfence

For the security of your blog you will need to install Wordfence plugin. From the left menu, under “Appearance” hover your mouse on “Plugins” and click on “Add New” then search for Wordfence in the search bar. See image below

Click on “Install” and then “Activate” after that.

Install Yoast SEO Plugin

In the same way, you installed the plug in above, search for Yoast SEO Plugin.

This plugin will help you write Search Engine Optimized Posts, very quickly. It wills save you lots of time, and it will help you learn from experience, how to write SEO friendly article or posts on your own, without any help. It will help you rank your blog post to the first page of Google.

Install Poptin For Building Your Email List

Your blog is a business. Your email list is like your customers just like in offline life business. For building your email list and opt ins, I recommend Poptin. It is what I currently use. It is very flexible and has all the features you need, and it is FREE. The free plan has almost all the features you need, so upgrade is not compulsory. Install Poptin

Finally, Make Sure Your Akismet Spam Plugin Is Activated

This plugin is installed by default with your WordPress installation. That is to show you how important it is. However, if you don’t find it, follow the same procedures above, and install the plugin, then activate it.

If it is already installed, then you simply need to activate it, by clicking on the plugins section, look for plugin named Akismet, then activate it.

This plugin will take care of spam for you. Once you start making blog posts, you will find that the will be hundreds of spammers trying to leave unwanted comments and backlinks to their blogs or websites in your comment section.

You surely don’t want these to happen. Akismet Spam Protection Plugin, will take care of these spammers for you. It will automatically detect them and put them in the spam box.

Additionally You May Want To Change Your Default Theme

Yes, the default WordPress theme is ok, but to me it is ugly. (I am sorry WordPress 🙂 ) You may want to change your default theme to a more professional one after you install WordPress. There are thousands of good free themes out there you can use, and more are coming up every day.

From the left menu of your WordPress Admin Dashboard, hover your mouse on “Appearance”, then click on “Themes”, then click on “Add New”. Then take your time and find an awesome theme for your blog.

When you find it, click on install, and wait for it to install, then click on activate. Refresh your website to see the new look.

Some themes come with extra customization options and features. There are common customization features for all themes, but some themes come with extra, so depending on your theme, you will have to learn how to customize it. It will happen as you get used to tweaking it, by experiment.

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