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Hello and welcome to dbundus.com. Today I would like to tell you two easiest ways to earn 20 bucks everyday that doesn’t require any prior experience, technical skills or location. Please see below for the links. If you have been looking for how to earn money online, then today you are in the right place. Make sure to bookmark this website so that you can always come back and read more.

Today I want to talk about two very good micro job websites that pay you to draw boxes. These are very easy and simple tasks that anyone can do and you can do it just by drawing boxes with your mouse around objects. It doesn’t get simpler than that. You can do it from anywhere around the world. All you need is an internet connection and a laptop and you are good to go.

  1. RemoTasks – Click here To Sign Up.

This one is the first website that pays you and they have paid me twice. I receive payments every Tuesday from them and they pay on time. There is no delay and there is no minimum payout. You get paid whatever you earn, even if it is cents. This is one of the best paying micro job websites I have seen so far.

You will be paid to draw bounding boxes around cars, traffic lights and many other objects. They also have many other tasks like transcription, and many more. The very good thing about this website is that I still got paid even when my accuracy was as low as 40% and I didn’t do the job very well. However, please try to do the task very well.

They have a training for you on every task. You take the training, and then you start working. The training just lasts for 2 minutes and it is very easy.

Like I said, they have many other tasks available. Its’s kind of like unlimited tasks so you can earn as much as you want. However, to unlock those tasks, you will have to take their training and pass their exams. It is very easy to do so don’t worry.


2. Spare5 – Click Here To Sign Up.

This one is very similar to the first one. However, they pay when you earn $1. In my first 2 minutes with this one, I earned $0.15 cents already and I mean 2 MINUTES. So you can calculate how much you can earn if you take it serious.

The secret here is to take it like a real job and take it seriously. Do the job very well and this could be one of the best opportunities you have found online to start earning immediately.

That is it for this one.

Please leave a comment here and for any questions you may have or tell your experience with the website. Thank you for reading.

Update: I have earned up to $200 from working on remotasks, and I don’t even work there all the time. I am also intending to start a micro job website and GPT website PaidPoints where you can earn for doing tasks and offers. In future I intend to include more features. I want to see how to ensure that everyone can earn at least $10 a day.

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