Earn Up To $1 Fast & Easy Daily Just By Clicking 40 Times With SerpClix and Presearch

In this post I am going to show you how to quickly earn $1 with just 40 clicks. You will earn $1 daily with this just by clicking your mouse 40 times using 2 websites.

The two websites you will be using are SerpClix and Presearch.

SerpClix is a website that will pay you minimum of $0.05 just to click on an ad. For every single click you do, you earn minimum of $0.05. If you are in US, UK, Canada, Australia, then you earn $0.1 for every click. SerpClix allows you to click up to 7 ads daily. It could be a bit more sometimes. Read more about SerpClix here  

Presearch is a website that will pay you 0.25 Pre coin to search with google, bing, yahoo and many other search engines daily. 1 Pre coin is currently worth $0.061817. See screenshot below. It goes up and down most times because it is a Cryptocurrency, but its destination is up. Previously 1 Pre coin was worth up to $0.6. Who knows what it is worth now that you are reading this post. It could be worth more.

Read more about Presearch here


So SerpClix gives you up to 7 ads daily and pays you a minimum of $0.05 for every single click you do. Clicking on the seven ads daily which shouldn’t take much time, will earn you $0.35

Presearch limits you to search only 32 times every day, and pays you 0.25 Pre coin per search. When you complete the 32 searches daily, you should earn 8 Pre coins (0.25 * 32). Since 1 Pre coin is currently worth $0.061817, completing the 32 searches a day should earn you $0.494536 (0.061817 * 8).

So you earned $0.35 from SerpClix and you earned $0.49 from Presearch and the total of clicks you did were

SerpClix: 7

Presearch: 32 (clicking on the search button), which totals 39 clicks.

Now you have earned around $0.84 ($0.35 + $0.49) just by clicking your mouse 40 times which is too easy and doesn’t take a long time. Remember the $price of Pre coin could go up. In short, it was meant to head for that direction. So you could be earning more than $1 with this by the time you are reading this.

Also if you are in USA, UK, CANADA  or AUSTRALIA, SerpClix pays you $0.1 instead of $0.05 per click. So your earnings should be higher.

This is how you can earn up to $1 fast with just 40 clicks of your mouse.

Sign Up On SerpClix

Sign Up On Presearch

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10 Responses

  1. Me says:

    serpclix is not working on ubuntu

    • dbundus says:

      Use Firefox browser and it should work. After you sign up you download their Firefox browser extension, and you can start earning. Let me know if this worked 🙂

  2. me says:

    Sorry my friend,it’ s not working.Firefox,ad on,everything is ok,but,i can’t login.I try with ad on,but ,after i put my username ad on shut down.There is no time to put my pass.

  3. Dadutza says:

    How can I get money for the precoins? What’s the wallet for that coin?

  4. Narasimha Murthy M S says:

    Excellent information that you are providing us.please keep it up Mr. dbundus .please provide me How to earn money with Chat bots.
    Thank you

  5. Ghosty says:

    Excellent!Thank You!!!

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