Earn Money To Collect Emails With Mobidea CPA Network

Earn Money To Collect Emails With Mobidea

Mobidea is one of the most popular CPA Networks that will pay you to simply collect emails from people. They have lots of mobile offers and there is no approval needed to join this network. You simply sign up, choose the offers that you love, and start promoting instantly. Some of the offers include

  • movie subscription offers (your visitors enter a pin on their phone and subscribe to watch the movie)
  • app download offers (this one pays once the visitor downloads the app to his phone, and opens it) Note: Some of the app download offers will require the visitor to complete a certain level before you get the payment, especially mobile game apps.
  • website signups (your visitors sign up on a website you link them to)

This is one of the few CPA Networks that is very suitable for beginners because they do not require approval.

You can promote these offers using Facebook movie groups. There are lots of Facebook groups with millions of members. You simply join the groups and create valuable posts, then include your link within the posts. You could get lots of downloads with this. Some of the CPA offers pay up to $14 per download. Some of the sign up offers pay around $1 to $2 per sign up, after the users enter their name and email. This is an easy way to earn money to collect emails.

Sign Up On Mobidea  Make sure to sign up as an affiliate instead of advertiser when you land on the page.

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