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Publish0x will let you earn money for reading blog posts on their website and also write some blog posts on their website. The best part here is you earn money for reading, and you chose how much to earn. It sounds too good to be true 🙂 Yes. But you chose how much to earn within a certain earning range they provide for you, not any range you want.

Here is basically how it works.

You sign up on their website,

You read blog posts that you see on their website,

You scroll down to the bottom of the post, and tip the author. While you tip the author, you receive tips too. You just have to select how much you want to tip the author and how much you want to earn. By the way they pay in BNTY (BountyOx) This is a cryptocurrency which is equivalent to real $usd

Here is a picture of the current price value of BNTY

So I BNTY is currently worth $0.003. Keep in mind that this value can go up quickly in the future.  For example in January 08, 2018, 1 BNTY was worth $0.86 usd.

So as I was saying. You chose the percentage or amount of BNTY you want to tip the author and yourself, within the range they provide for you. See examples below.

Example One

For example, in the image above, I chose to tip the author 80% to the author and 20% to me.

and in the image below, I chose to tip the author 20% and 80% to me and I got 0.5051 BNTY while the author got $0.1265 BNTY. So with this you should be able to calculate what will happen in the above image where I tipped author 80% and 20% to me.

With this you can easily earn up to 10 BNTY a day because there are many blog posts on their website, and of course new ones keep coming everyday. Also you can tip author more than one time, when the time frame delay they give you is over.

When the price of BNTY gets back up again to $0.86 or even way more than that, you will have a lot of bucks with this. You can sell your BNTY and get back the USD equivalent through CryptoCurrency Exchanges.

Also you may be wondering, where does the tip come from. Look at the red circle in the image above and you will see where it says that the tip are sponsored by Bounty0X. So you don’t have anything to worry about. Just try to earn as much BNTY as you can for free here. And it may reward you greatly in future. I hope you like this idea of how to earn money for reading.

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