Earn BTC While Using Your Browser

Earn BTC While Using Your Browser

CryptoTab is a website where you will earn BTC while using your browser.

They have three ways which you can earn BTC while browsing. They have a browser which is just very similar to google chrome in almost everything, and also very much faster.

You can download their browser , use it and earn BTC while using your browser. It works just like Google chrome.

The second way is through their web app which you can see from the right side of the screenshot above. With their web app, you don’t need to use their browser. You always have to visit their website and open the web application to start earning.

The third way is through their google chrome extension. So if you want to still use your google chrome and still earn with cryptotab, then you can. All you have to do is google “CryptoTab google chrome extension” and install it on your google chrome browser. And you will be earning bitcoins whenever you are online and browsing.

You will have to sign in using any of your social media account, so that you can save your earnings (This is important).

Now the earning is not much here. You could be earning $4 a month but if you use their browser, you will earn 8 times more. And it is easy because you are earning money without doing anything. However keep in mind that it uses more of your system resources, because it mines with your browser.

But wait, there’s actually a way to earn bigger with this cryptotab. They have a great affiliate program where they pay you to refer your friends. You will earn 15% of whatever your friends earn for using the browser, app or chrome extension, for life.

You also get paid for the friends who your friends refer, up to 9 levels deep.  Look at the screenshot below

Also, according to them, you can earn more than 1 BTC a month with this by referring 5 friends and each of those friends refer 5 friends only. Check out the earnings calculator screenshot below.

Minimum withdrawal is 0.00001 BTC and you can earn this even on your first day.

I have some special methods on how you can earn up to 1 BTC with this and I am giving it out for free with only one requirement: Sign up from here to help me. After that, you leave a comment below with “Give me method”. I will send you method in email.

With my method, you will get referrals easily, and you can decide how many referrals you want to get. This is a win win for everyone, both you and your referrals because they will earn and you will earn.

Start Earning With CryptoTab Browser 

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