Earn 0.003 BTC For Free Every Month With MySolidCoin

Update : This website is no more paying. It woun’t let you withdraw. 

MySolidCoin is a high paying Bitcion faucet website that will pay you up to 1500 Satoshi every 5 hours and you can earn 0.003 BTC for free every month with it.  You don’t have to do anything extra to get this. You just have to create an account, and your coin starts growing immediately.

This is the best highest paying Bitcoin faucet I have ever come across. The previous best was moonbit.co.in but this website pays more than them.

As you can see, that BTC is going up and up, and it is predicted to grow up to $100,000 by EOY (End Of Year) or soon after. You can get started with BTC through this faucet.

How To Start Earning BTC With MySolidCoin

Register on the website, log in to your account every 5 hours and you will see your 1500 Satoshi to claim. It even grows while you are not there, whether you are logged in or not.

You will withdraw your coins when you have claimed up to 0.001 BTC (100,000 Satoshi) and I think this is very possible to reach in a short time. When you open the website, make sure you log in immediately and claim your coins.

If you spend some time without logging in, your session will expire, and you will have to refresh the screen again to log in.

How To Earn Even More BTC With MySolidCoin

Referral Program

They have a referral program where you can get paid to refer your friends. It is a win-win. You refer your friends to claim free 1500 satoshi every 5 hours. You earn 5% of whatever they claim, anytime they claim. If they make a deposit too, you earn 5% of the deposit they made.

If you refer a lot of friends, you can rake up a lot of money. You know lots of people like free things.

By Buying New Treasures

They have this thing they call treasures, or treasure packages. When you register originally, you are giving the treasure package called Gold Coin. This package gives you 5 Satoshi every minute, and it is free forever. With this package you can earn 1500 Satoshi every 5 hours, and up to 300,000 Satoshi, every month all for free.

When you upgrade your package you earn more. Below are the packages they have.

  • Gold Coin pays out – 5 satoshi/min
  • Two Gold Coins pays out – 10 satoshi/min
  • Gold Coins Stake pays out – 14 satoshi/min
  • Coin Wallet pays out – 18 satoshi/min
  • Gold Bars pays out – 23 satoshi/min
  • Diamond pays out – 28 satoshi/min
  • Precious Bag pays out – 32 satoshi/min
  • Three Diamonds pays out – 37 satoshi/min
  • Copper Chest pays out – 41 satoshi/min
  • Skull Chest pays out – 46 satoshi/min
  • Pearl Chest pays out – 92 satoshi/min
  • Silver Chest pays out – 139 satoshi/min
  • Gold Chest pays out – 185 satoshi/min
  • Big Gold Chest pays out – 231 satoshi/min
  • Prince Chest pays out – 463 satoshi/min
  • Queen Chest pays out – 926 satoshi/min
  • King Chest pays out – 1,389 satoshi/min
  • Emerald Chest pays out – 1,852 satoshi/min
  • Sapphire Chest pays out – 2,315 satoshi/min
  • Diamond Chest pays out – 4,630 satoshi/min

Imagine how much you can be earning in a day if you purchased the last package – the Diamond chest.

You are not obliged to purchase any package, you can keep using the free account and earn 0.003 BTC for free every month with it.

So I had To Check The Site

Oh well, site looked to promising so I had to check the website. According to scamadviser, the website has been around for up to 4 years. Great to hear, but I couldn’t believe this. See screenshot below.

You can do more research on your own if you wish to, but I think it is a good faucet website that is worth a try. Being around for this long, they look reliable.

Visit MySolidCoin

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