CPALead – Instant Approval CPA Network For Publishers

Instant Approval CPA Network For Publishers

CPALead is another good instant approval CPA network for publishers to make money. And in case you are not familiar with CPA Networks. They are Cost Per Action Networks, that connect advertisers and publishers together.

They pay publishers which is me and you that own a website, or want to earn money by promoting a product. We get paid to collect leads or emails. A lead is more than email.

For example when someone fills a form on your website, and enters more information, more than his email. You’ve got a lead. Lead could include bio information, or credit card, and other stuffs.

CPALead will pay you for both email and leads that you get for them. But they pay higher for lead. They can pay you around $1 to $2 for collecting email, but they can pay up to $50 for a lead.

If you can get someone to fill a trial form for a product, CPALead can pay you very well for that.

Like I said before, there is no approval needed. You can sign up today and get your first lead today.


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