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paid to collect emails and leads

CPA networks basically are Cost Per Action networks. These are websites that will pay you simply to get a user take an action. Actions could range from entering an email, name, or download a file.

If you have a website, and you can get your visitors to do any of the actions mentioned above, then CPA networks are good for you. They will pay you around $2 to $5 for any single action you get your website visitor to complete.

You must not have a website, you can get users from anywhere, like forums, social media, etc.

CPAGrip is one of the best CPA networks around. They always have hundreds, offers (offers are the products or services you will get a visitor to enter his email, name in, or the files you will get a visitor to download so that you get paid). Take a look below and see some of them.

You simply sign up, chose an offer than you want, and they give you the link and you start promoting. There is no approval process in CPA grip, unlike some others. This is one of the CPA networks with which you can start earning money right now.

Just get people to enter their email in a form, and you get paid up to $2 for it.

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    great post as usual! Just keep them coming, bro!

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    How can I do this on social media? Should I just post the link ?

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