Cheap Web Hosting – Host Your Website For 1 Year At $8.79 Only

In this post, I want to show you a very cheap web hosting company I found, AsuraHostingThey have been around since 2012, with over 6000 customers in 56 countries, and hosted up to 8000 websites.

The small hosting plans start at $0.7 per month (not even up to $1) and $8.79 per year. The starter plan starts at $1 per month and $12 per year. Both plans, in some aspect offer even way more than what most popular hosting companies offer.

For example NameCheap  shared hosting stellar plan, which is the cheapest from them costs $15.44 per year but does not offer free SSL certificate (the secure “https” you see on urls), but AsuraHosting does offer it for FREE, in their small plan and is still cheaper at $0.7 per month, and cost $8.79 per year.  They also guarantee 99.9% Uptime, allows you to pay through PayPal and Bitcoin, and gives you 2 months free usage with coupon code.  Check this out.

In the red section, it says Use code “2OFF” during checkout to receive 2 Months free on any yearly web hosting account you purchase for the LIFETIME (recurring) of the web hosting account.

Asura starter plan, which cost only $1 per month, allows you to host 15 websites/Domains on the same hosting plan, and gives you 15 email accounts too, while NameCheap shared hosting stellar plan which costs $15.44 per year allows you to host only 3 websites.

There are many more. You check the images below for a bit comparison.

AsuraHosting Small Plan – $8.79 Per Year

NameCheap Shared Hosting Stellar Plan – $15.44 per year

Asura’s renewal cost stays the same as the original cost, while NameCheap and some other popular hosting companies, increase your hosting cost on renewal.

AsuraHosting Starter Plan – $12 per year

In the same way, you can compare it with few other popular hosting starter plans. I think they offer more bang for the buck. I haven’t really hosted with them, but I have contacted their support multiple times, and they were very quick to respond professionally. You may want to give them a try if you are on a low budget and looking for a cheap web hosting company. It is the cheapest you will ever find with so many features like in the images above.

Some Of The Great Things I Like About Them

. Cheap hosting cost -$0.7 per month

. Guarantees 99.9% uptime

. Allows you to pay through PayPal and Bitcoin

. Gives you 2 Months free on any yearly web hosting account you purchase for the LIFETIME (recurring) of the web hosting account.

Visit AsuraHosting

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