Category: Crypto Currency Investment Websites

Earn money by investing in crypto currency investment websites. Invest and earn with these websites. Some of these include Bitcoin lending websites, and other crypto lending websites.

Lend money to someone in need of it currently, and set your interest in return of that money. The borrower will return the money and pay you extra interest on the money.

For example Joe needs 0.1 Bitcoins. You lend him  0.1 Bitcoins and set a return interest rate of 0.12. Joe will pay you back 0.12 Bitcoins instead of 0.1 Bitcoins which you originally gave him.

You just made a profit of 0.02 Bitcoins for lending money to Joe. The more time Joe spends with your money, the more the return interest rate increases.

You can lend to Joe and John at the same time. You will make 0.04 Bitcoins on return.

This is a very easy way to earn money in crypto currency without working.