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Paid To Post Forums

BeerMoneyForum known as BMF is a forum on the make money online niche, that pays you to contribute to it.

You can earn real cash simply talking to others about how to make money online. You can also talk about how to start a business. They have many threads there, and you are free to contribute to any thread you like. They also have a live chat where you chat live with other people interested in making money online.

This is especially helpful if you have a website. You can easily draw traffic from this forum to your website. The first time I tried to contribute to the forum, I drove around 6 people to my website within 20 minutes.

You can withdraw the money that you earn, to Paypal.  You can also earn more simply by referring your friends to BMF BeerMoneyForum. For every single friend that you refer, you earn $1.

It is not that hard, because you can go to Facebook Groups on the make money online niche. There are hundreds of thousands of them if not millions. You can join them, and talk about paid to post forums, and tell them how they can earn with it. How they can drive traffic to their blog with it. There are many advantages here. So they have all reasons to join.

Most of the people in these forums are internet marketers and blog owners, and they need this traffic. Most of them are  looking for a place to drive traffic to their website which is why they join the Facebook groups.  You can easily make $20 every day by driving $20 people to BMF daily.

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