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Bitcoin Dice Websites

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In this post, I will be going over some of the best bitcoin dice gambling websites to win Bitcoin very easily if you want to make lots of money through gambling.There are a lot of gambling dice sites out there but the one that I will show in this post are the best provably fair sites, that make it very easy to win BTC and pay out very well. Some of them also allow you to gamble and win in many coins.

Before we start, I will like to explain a bit about Bitcoin Dice Gambling

What Is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. In fact, it is one of the best cryptocurrencies of the world. It was the first cryptocurrency started in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto as an anonymous. Bitcoin is just like your paypal money. The difference here is that it is decentralized and has no control unlike fiat money. Fiat money is the usd, and other alternative currencies like it.

It may be very interesting to you to know that in 2009 when Bitcoin was created, it was equivalent to $0.10 in fiat value. But then, in December 2017, Bitcoin was equivalent to $20,000 in fiat value. You see the rate of growth? You may want to hop in on this right now if you haven’t.

To find more information about Bitcoin, you can visit Bitcoin Website . To find many other cryptocurrencies like bitcoin that exist, including their current price you can visit CoinMarketCap

What is Bitcoin Dice Gambling?

Bitcoin dice gambling is a type of gambling game where you roll a dice and predict which side it is going to fall. You set a bet amount and if the dice falls on your prediction meaning that your prediction is right, then you double your money. If not right, then you lose your money. That just the very simple explanation about it.

To make it clearer I give a typical example.

You could say that the dice will fall above 50 when you roll. That is your prediction. You then roll the dice and if the dice falls above 50, you have doubled your money, no matter how much money you put in there as base bet. 🙂 . In the same way, if the dice falls below 50, then you lose your money, no matter how much money you put in there as base bet. 🙂

I have actually gambled and made 4 BTC from it, in just a very short time. Read how I did that below.

How I Made 4 BTC in 10 Minutes 

Ok. So Let me go over some of the best Bitcoin dice gambling websites out there. There are many out there but a few of them are the best, and in games like this, I strictly advise you stick with the best.

Best Bitcoin Dice Gambling Websites


Currently, this is the best of them all, the number one. This where I made 4 BTC from in a very short time. I already put a link to that post above so you can read every thing I did to accomplish that. 🙂 . Bitsler is the most provably fair as at the time while I am writing this post, and it has been the best since I knew about it. It is well designed and it may seem difficult to use at first, but I can almost guarantee you that it is the easiest, when you get used to it.

Join Bitsler . Bitsler has two themes. The light one, and the dark one. The light one is what you will see by default not the dark one. The dark one is the one I used in the above screenshot.


This is another great one with large number of players. You can bet with more than 40 cryptocurrencies here, and they are constantly adding more. You also get rains or tips of coins from other “generous” players just by participating in the chat here. You can see the chat from the left side in the screenshot above.

Join Luckygames


This is another good bitcoin dice website. Most of the members on other dice websites are also members here, although some of them use different names.

Join Duckdice


Ok. This is the very first bitcoin dice gambling website I ever knew and used before getting to know others. I also made a good sum of money here but I can’t remember exactly how much, and then later, I lost it back to them 🙂

Join PrimeDice

So these are my four best and most provably fair bitcoin dice gambling websites. If you love gambling, then I recommend bitsler out of all of them. It is currently my favorite, and their support are very responsive and great.


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