Best Bitcoin Dice Website – I Made 3.7 BTC in 10 Minutes

Best Bitcoin Dice Website – Bitsler

I know you may think it is not true but It really is. I made 3.7 BTC here in 2 days under 10 minutes. I have the screenshot on this website here My EarningsThis is the first website that made me serious money online. It may still be hard for you to believe but It’s your choice.

I really really and really made this money on the website in 2 days. And the total time it took me was just 10 minutes. So what is Bitsler

Well Bitsler is a bitcoin dice gambling website, where you play dice and predict the outcome. You set money amount and roll and if your prediction is true, you win the money. However if your prediction is not true you lose the money.

Here, you don’t predict single number. You predict the range where the dice will fall. For example you can say the dice roll outcome will fall under 50, and you set money for that. If the dice result is any number between 0 and 50, including 0 and 50, you win. You doubled your money.  In the same way, you can say it will go over 50. You get the basic gist.

I am in depth in knowledge of this but for the main time I just want to explain the basics. I will update this post later to show everything including strategies on how to win.

Here is how the inside of bitsler looks.

One of the best bitcoin dice website well designed, provably fair and good for a gambling enthusiast.

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