Best Affiliate Networks To Join And How To Get Approved

So what are the best affiliate networks to join and how do you get approved?

You have seen how affiliate marketing works, and how much money people are making from it, and you have seen how to get started. You probably have created your blog website, which is very necessary as a first step to do before beginning affiliate marketing. Just in case you haven’t created your website yet, then refer to this post How To Start Your Blog (On WordPress).

Note that you can use other types of websites for affiliate marketing like coupon websites, online shops, and more, but blog is always the best to use, at least in my opinion. You’ve heard that you have to join an affiliate network to start affiliate marketing. So what next? You want to join an affiliate network to start earning money but you don’t know how to find them. Well, it’s good to have you here.

I will show you from my experience some of the best affiliate networks to join and how to get approved. I got approved in Shareasale network and you can see how here Getting Approved In ShareASale Network (What I did)

And that leads me to the number one on my list of

Best Affiliate Networks To Join

Note: Before you read this, I suggest you read how to get approved below, just in case you wouldn’t finish this post, and try to join the networks that need manual approval.

1. ShareASale

ShareASale is one of the best affiliate networks out there that really accepts beginner bloggers or affiliate marketers as long as you have a genuine website with decent traffic and produce content. I have seen so many great products here that will pay you just for bringing a free sign up. No sales needed. If you make a sale, you get paid again, and much higher.

I am not sure if they will accept those without websites but it is possible. Join ShareASale.

I suggest you also use the link above to see how I got approved on ShareASale network and what I did.

Payment Methods

Direct Deposit.

Mailed Checks through Postal Mail, FedEx, FedEx to Canada, International FedEx.

Wire Deposit.


2. AdworkMedia

AdworkMedia is a great network to join. I am part of this network, and they pretty much approve anyone easily. Just do not lie in your application, and do your best to follow some of the tips I will share below. You should get approved.

Payment Methods

AdworkMedia Special Prepaid MasterCard Powered by Payoneer.

Western Union.



ACH Direct Deposit (US Only).

Local Bank Transfers Powered By Payoneer.


Standard Wire Transfer (International).

Very flexible payment method. There is no reason you shouldn’t be able to withdraw your earnings from here.

3. Rakuten LinkShare

LinkShare is another one I joined. It really didn’t take much time and it didn’t need any approval like ShareASale. I found it while trying to join udemy affiliate program. Once I filled the sign up form, I was into the system. I just had to complete my profile and I was free to join advertisers program and start earning. Join LinkShare .

Payment Methods


Direct Deposit.


4. CPAGrip

CPAGrip approves you instantly on sign up without the need to wait for approval. It is one of the most popular CPA affiliate networks out there, and has great offers too. These types of network pay you per lead, they pay you when someone enters their email. This is the same type of network with adworkmedia above and mobidea below. It is certainly one of the best affiliate networks to join, if you want to earn money without making sales.

Payment Methods

Payoneer (Prepaid Master Card). You can receive money anywhere with this.

ACH Transfer ( For USA Banks Only)


5. ClickBank

ClickBank is another one that other affiliate marketers trust so much. They it is the most popular out there. I haven’t joined it myself, but I have heard about it a lot with so much positive vibes. They are one of the affiliate networks with the largest number of advertisers and products you can promote, and have products that pay you up to 70% commission. Join ClickBank.

Payment Methods

Direct Deposit.

Wire Transfer.


6. MaxBounty

Located in Canada, MaxBounty has been around since 2004 and is one of the best affiliate networks around. However, it is not very easy to get approved here. Being a very reputable affiliate network, they require you to call them on the phone after you have signed up.

After signing up, you have to click confirmation link in your email, then you will receive email with phone numbers below it on who to call. Usually this is the number you will receive 613-834-3955 x 247  . From my experience, when I dialed it it says number doesn’t exist, until I appended +1 to the number then it went through. So keep that in mind. Your account can only be approved after you call them.  Join MaxBounty

Payment Methods





Wire Transfer.



Another network with very flexible payment methods.

7. Mobidea

If your app is a mobile app, then this is the best network for you to join. This network will approve you automatically on sign up and you can start promoting offers immediately. That is one very good thing I like about it. If you already have a mobile app that is getting lots of traffic or being used by a lot of people, then you can start earning with your app in the next 10 minutes just by monetizing your app with it.

Payment Method: Paypal, FirstChoicePay, Paxum, Wire Transfers

8. CPA Build

This is another network I admire so much starting from the design to the offers. CPA Build in my opinion is one of the best cpa networks out there. I would have called it the best if they approved accounts automatically on sign up. However, I got approved in this network, and it wasn’t hard to get approved. But I am sure you will definitely like this network. Besides the fact that they have large number of offers on all types of niches, they have also created all the super converting landing pages for you, and they have flexible payment methods.

Payment Methods



Wire Transfer (International)


They used to have Bitcoin as a payment option, but currently as I am writing this post, that options seems to not be available.

So these are a few of the best affiliate networks to join. There are more of them. To find a complete rating directory of affiliate networks you can visit Affpaying.

Now that you have seen them, so what can you dot to get help increase your chances of approval? As you can see above that some of them require manual approval.

How To Get Approved In Affiliate Networks

Although I have listed some affiliate networks above that don’t require approval such as Rakuten Linkshare and Mobidea, you may have the need to join more networks and those networks will have to manually approve your account.

Having got approved in many of them, I am going to share some of my tips on what I usually do while signing up and after signing up. I don’t guarantee that you will get approved if you do the same as me, and I cant really show you the exact texts I entered in the sign up forms. But here are the basic things you need to do while joining affiliate networks.

1. Set Up A Website

This is number one. In most of the affiliate networks, while you are signing up, you will be presented with a compulsory field where you have to fill your website url. This field must be filled or else you will not be able to submit the form. So it is necessary that you set up a website before thinking of joining affiliate networks.

I would recommend that you allow your website to be about 1 or 2 months old, while you promote it and get some traffic to it.

2. Do Not Lie

Very important. If you are a beginner, most times you are tempted to lie while signing up on these networks, if they ask you for your experience. You will presume that making them feel that you know what to do will give you more chances of getting approved. Wrong!

Besides MaxBounty, there are many networks out there that will accept you even if you are a beginner. You just have to be honest and also be willing to work. You just need to show them that you are willing to work even though you don’t have experience.

If you lie, they are going to find out, because they will ask you to prove yourself. Some of the questions they ask while you are joining are:

How long have you been in affiliate marketing?

What other affiliate networks have you joined?

Have you made any money from other affiliate networks before? 

If you decide to lie and tell them yes, that you have made money from other affiliate networks before, they are going to ask you to show them the proof on your dashboard. They may go to the extent of verifying it with your affiliate manager. So just be straight honest. You have a chance to be approved.

3. Do Include Cash Incentive Method While Signing Up

Most of the networks will ask you which methods you will like to use while promoting advertisers products. They will ask you to give them a detailed explanation on how you will promote the products. Do not include cash incentive method. Cash incentive method  is when you offer people some money to complete the offers. This is not allowed by many networks. If you indicate this in your methods, you will likely not get approved.

4. Contact Your Affiliate Manager On Skype After Sign Up

I usually do this and I got approved in many networks. Contact your affiliate manager and ask him to help you approve your application, that you are interested in working with their network. I wouldn’t say for sure it was because of this, but It showed seriousness and it helped speed up my application verification process. Most of the times, there are many queues of people who want to join the network not just you.

In this case, contacting your affiliate manager which you will be assigned to right after you sign up even before your approval, will help speed up your approval process.


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