18 Ways To Find Referrals And Make Sales For Products

So you have started affiliate marketing, and you have probably seen how to earn passive income with it, and how lucrative it can be. If you haven’t started affiliate marketing yet, at least you have known about it and how it works. But you are probably wondering, how possible it is that you can get referrals or customers to purchase a product, sign up on a website? etc? Well, in this post, together we are going to look at how to find referrals and make sales for any affiliate product you are promoting.

We will be looking at many ways possible to reach out to and get attention from people who could be interested in a product you are promoting.

There are lots of ways online to get referrals and I will be exploring some of them quickly. I’m gonna start with the ones I consider the most important. The most solid ones.

Before I begin, this is very important. Which ever solid method you chose, DO NOT GIVE UP ON IT. It will work if you do your best on it, and don’t give up.

1. Start A Blog, Write Thorough Product Reviews, Optimize Your Blog Posts, And Rank Your Blog.

Yes, I know this is a very long heading but I felt it was necessary to make it that long to include all the very important keywords that you need to take note of in this method.

Here is what it says again. Start A Blog, Write Thorough Product Reviews, Optimize Your Blog Posts, And Rank Your Blog. 

Starting A Blog

Before we go any further, Here is a complete tutorial on how to quickly start your blog.

This is one of the most important to me. This is because when you start a blog, you start to build an audience (people who will listen to you), you start to build trust, and you start to build a business.

Write Thorough Product Reviews

Do your best to write complete product reviews that will answer questions that people have everyday. Show them how a product can be very useful to them. Do not lie. There are lots of useful products out there. Show them a clear example on how the product can help them, and be honest while doing it.

Think about how you feel while searching for something online, just like you felt while clicking on this post from google or from where you clicked on it.

You have a need for truth right? And you are seeking for the right and complete information. You wish the post will definitely answer your question or be the solution to your problem. That is exactly how your blog visitors feel when searching for information. So It is very important that you do your best to give them enough information and solve their problem.

Optimizing Your Blog Posts For Search Engines

While writing your reviews, it is very important to optimize your content for search engines like google to easily pick it up. For example, currently when you type “earn $1 every day” on Google you will see that I appear first.

Here is a link to that post EARN UP TO $1 FAST DAILY JUST TO CLICK 40 TIMES . Note that I didn’t just rank on the first page of Google, but I ranked number one above all other websites that had similar contents. Isn’t that great? Well here is a link on how you can optimize your post for search engines and do the same. Write Optimized Blog Posts For Search Engines With Yoast . When you optimize your posts for search engines then Google will help your post get seen.

Rank Your Blog. 

Now, you also need to rank your blog to get on the top of search engines when people search for a content that is on your blog. This one takes time and its a gradual process.

However, if you are producing good content consistently and optimizing  your posts, and also sharing it on social media, with time your blog will rank higher. But you can speed up the process through obtaining quality bac links from other popular websites. (Backlinks means those websites linking back to your blog).

Once your blog is ranked high, you will start getting lots of traffic to your website and with your good content, you will start getting referrals and sales to the affiliate products you promote.

This is my number one method on how to find referrals and make sales for affiliate products you promote.

2. Start A YouTube Channel And Make Video Product Reviews

I could have put this one first, but because of one reason, I put it as number 2. This is almost the same as number one, where you create content for your blog. However, the difference here is that you create video contents instead of blog posts. You make video reviews of products.

The second difference here which is why I put this as number 2 instead of number 1 is that, you create this video content on YouTube Not On Your Own Website . You create on someone else platform. Although this is a very good method, in fact more valuable than number 1, but the reason I put it as number 2 is because there are some disadvantages that come with it.

Your YouTube channel could get banned or suspended and this could be unfavorable.

If YouTube decides to shut down tomorrow, or change their rules, you lose your content and all your efforts get wasted or you must have to abide by their new rules no matter how unfavorable it is.

Having said that, this method is much more effective than the blog content because:

1. People like to watch videos more than they like to read content. It’s easier.

2. There are some things you could show on a video, that would be easier to understand than text content.

3. It’s more fun and more convincing and people can get addicted to your style of review.

So you can start making video reviews about products and put the affiliate link of the product in your YouTube description box, then include a call to action in every video, telling them to click on the link to access the product.

Alternatively, you can put a link to your website where you have the link to the product website.

This is my second method on how to find referrals and make sales for any affiliate product you promote.

3.  Get A Popular YouTuber To Create An Awesome Video Review Of Your Product

You know why this is? If you are on the ground, you can get up by yourself right? I know that. But if you someone who is up, grabs your hand and lifts you up, it will be easier to stand up right? Yes, that’s this is a good method. You tap on the influence of others.

In fact, this method, could make you some bucks right away, in the next few days or so. The only downside to this is, you may have to pay the YouTuber. If you got a friend who is willing to do it for free for you, then that’s very great. You could offer to share the profit with him later.

However, you may have to pay a popular YouTuber with many subscribers and viewers upfront for this. It don’t matter you can still make profits.

Remember you have affiliate products that pay you per free trial sign up. Some pay up to $100, some pay more than that, and some pay way less than that. All you need to do is make sure that you pay a very much lesser amount than what you expect to get in return.

In summary, Four main things you have to ensure here while paying upfront is

  1. The YouTuber creates videos specifically targeted for audiences that will love the type of product you are promoting.
  2. Make sure the YouTuber has lots of subscribers and gets lots of views per video. I will recommend hundreds of thousands of subscribers, and at least fifty thousand views in about a month or so. The more the better.
  3. Your affiliate product conversion point process is easy to complete and you will pay way less than what you expect to get in return.
  4. Make sure that the YouTuber puts your affiliate link in the description box of the video, and makes a call to action to his audience to click on the link, in the video.

Example considering the recommended number of views per video in a month above, lets say your product pays $100 per free sign up, you may want to pay the YouTuber between $20 to $50 for the review.

If it pays $5 per free sign up, You can pay the YouTuber $10 for that. This is just a suggestion. Use your best discretion.

I suggest you try this method with Pay Per Lead or products that pay for free sign up first.

This is my number 3 method on how to find referrals and make sales for affiliate products you promote.

4. Get A Popular Blogger To Make A Sponsored Post Review About The Product

This is similar to number 3. However, for some reason, I even consider this method way better than number 3. You see all these popular bloggers who make 5 figure income every month from their blog through affiliate marketing? What if you can get your affiliate link on their website? Think about it.

These people are trusted already. Some of them have their income statistics publicly available online. A good example is Pat Flynn of SmartPassiveIncome. It’s amazing to me that he made more than $300,000 in just one month from his blog. I still can’t get that around my head. However the information is publicly available and you can confirm it.

Anyway, If you can get them to do a review of a product for you and leave it on their website, you might as well join them in milking the cow.

I suggest using a passive income product for this. A product that pays you recurring income per user or customer referred. See this post for more details on some of those products.

Keep in mind that you will have to pay for sponsored posts. How much you will pay depends on your agreement with the blogger. For example my first sponsored post review for upload.io here cost $40.

This is my number 4 method on how to find referrals and make sales for affiliate products you promote.

5. Use Social Media

Yes. Social Media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin and more popular ones out there. These platforms are very great places to find referrals and make sales for your affiliate product. Did you know that more than 2 billion people use Facebook everyday currently? Yes that’s true. Other social networks also have daily millions of users. So why would you not be able to find referrals or make a sale here?

Besides using your profile or Facebook page to create posts, Facebook has lots of groups on almost any type of niche for your affiliate product. Some of these groups have millions of members and are public, meaning you can make a post without admin approval.

To make it very much easier for you, you may be thinking that it will be cumbersome or take you a lot of efforts to make daily posts on all social media. However, I am very glad to tell you that it is very easy! .

There are tools that you can use to automate your social media posts and interactions on almost all social media.

These tools will allow you to schedule any number of posts you like for as long as you want. You don’t even have to be there to make the posts. You can go and sleep. These tools will be working for you and you could probably be getting referrals, making sales and receiving commissions while you are away.

Some Social Media Post Automation Tools To Make Your Life Easier

Any of these tools will allow you to do unlimited scheduling of your social media posts.

SocialPilot, CrowdFire, AgoraPulse, Planable, SocialOomph, Loomly.

This is my number 5 method to find referrals and make sales as an affiliate marketer.


6. Use Social Media Influencers

Now you may not have a large following on social media or have a lot of trust from your social media friends. In other words, you may not be an authority yet on your social media, but there are people who already are.

Think about the celebrities who have large amount of followers, fans that are so much interested in whatever they post, and would quickly click on their link. These are super influencers.

Think about brands too, that have large amount of followers who love them and their product. These are super influencers too. You can find many of these people on social media just by searching for their name. Besides brands there are other top social media influencers with large amount of fans and followers, which they have built up over time.

Contact them with your business proposal, and get them post or tweet about your product. Reach and agreement of pricing with them and get started quickly. Remember that you can use affiliate products that pay per lead for this. (again lead is free sign up or similar stuff).

To make it easier for you, if you think its gonna be hard for you to find these people on social media, which is apparently easy, then use these platforms to find them. These platforms connect brands with social media influencers who are already willing to promote your product or business for you just for a small fee. Some of these tools are agencies on their own that will do the job for you.

Some Social Meida Influencer Platforms To Help You Promote Your Product

Famebit, iFluenz, GrapeVine, AspireIQ, FindYourInfluence, MAVRCK, Activate OpenInfluence.

This is my number 6 method to find referrals and make sales as an affiliate marketer.

7. Use Social Media Marketing

It may sound like I am repeating a method here but I’m not. This one works different. I am talking about Facebook ads, twitter ads, and other popular social media platforms probably have their ads too. You can use Facebook Ads to promote your product. Currently, I recommend Facebook Ads.

Here is an example of a Facebook Ad. Notice the “sponsored” text circled in red.

Facebook will deliver very highly targeted advertising to the audience that could be interested in your product. While setting up Facebook ads, Facebook will ask you for the exact demographics you need. You can specify the gender, the age grades, the location, the interests and many more about the audience you want to advertise to.

Facebook is so dynamic to change your ads according to whatever latest interest is indicated by any user on Facebook .

How Facebook Dynamically Identifies People Who Will Be Interested In Your Ad Or Product

When any user logs in on Facebook, Facebook stores a cookie on their device. Through that cookie, Facebook then tracks what type of website the user visits next. When that user returns to Facebook, then Facebook shows them an ad that mostly relates to the type of website they just visited.

It even goes deep to show them an ad that mostly relates to exactly what they recently searched for. Facebook Ads don’t cost much.

In the same way, you can use twitter ads, and ad plans on other social media too to promote your affiliate products.

This is my number 7 method to find referrals and make sales as an affiliate marketer.

8. Use Google Ads

If you can’t wait to rank your website on google, then you can jump straight to Google Ads. Now you just have to pay with some funds instead of some time.

Whenever you search on google, you always see a Google Ad first before other results. Below is an example of a Google Ad. Notice the small “AD” text marked in red.

Google places their ads on top of other results so that they can catch the audience eyes first. You can use Google Ads to promote your affiliate products. Remember that Google is the number one most visited website in the whole world. Over 5.6 billion people currently search on Google daily. These people have high interest while searching for something on Google just like you. This is why Google Ads method could be very effective.

You know how you feel while searching for information on Google, very inquisitive. 🙂

Because the interest has been created here, if they land on your page through google while searching for it, then they will likely click on it and convert.

This is my number 8 method to find referrals and make sales for affiliate products you promote.

9. Use Advertising Networks

Advertising networks are also a very great way to promote your products. Advertising networks connects publishers with advertisers. Basically publishers are people who publish content on their website and have audience. Advertisers are people who want to promote their products or business.

When you sign up on an advertising network as an advertiser, you will submit you product links you want promote, and your banners to the network. These networks will connect you with publishers who will put your links, your banners on their website.

The advertising networks will make sure that these publishers are on your product niche, and that these publishers have audiences who would care about your product. You can get lots of clicks, sign ups and sales with this method.

Here are some great advertising networks for you to join.

PropellerAds, YllixRevenueHits.

This is my number 9 method to find referrals and make sales for in affiliate marketing.

10. Offer Coupons

Yes, that’s right. Most of the affiliate products you are promoting allow you to offer coupons to your audience while promoting the products. These coupons will help your audience get the products at a cheaper rate when they redeem their coupons. This is a very nice method of affiliate marketing that converts greatly too.

You can start a totally just coupon website, have thousands of affiliate products listed on your website and bank heavily every month on them. All you need to do is promote and rank your website constantly. Once you start getting steady huge traffic, your conversion rate will be great as people who come to coupon websites like yours,

usually have just about one thing in mind “to make a purchase” at a cheaper price.

If you have a blog, you can also add a coupon section on it, where you will list all products that you offer coupon codes for.

This is my number 10 method to find referrals and make sales for in affiliate marketing.

11. Use Email Marketing

While you are running your personal website or blog. It is necessary that you build an email list. Offer a service that you know your visitors would love and use that forum to build your email list. Your email list are your customers. These are the people who have agreed that you can market to them. But wait, this doesn’t mean you should spam them with anything out there.

When you find a quality product that you know will be beneficial to them, you can send them email about this, with pure explanation on how this could help them. Do not send so often. Moderate the time. Also give them the option to unsubscribe at any time if they want to.

With these in mind, you can promote your affiliate products through email marketing with your email lists, legitimately collected through your website.

Here are some email marketing programs you can use to automate your process


This is my number 11 method to find referrals and make sales for in affiliate marketing.

12. Write An Ebook

You can write an ebook around a product with your affiliate links in it and put it on amazon kindle store where millions of eyes can see it. There are also many other ebook stores you can publish it to. Here is another idea, you can give your ebook away for free to people who are interested in the products niche and give them the right to sell it and keep all the profits.

This way they can get motivated to spread your information for you.

13 Create A Course Around The Products

You can create a strong useful course around the product, and sell it or give it out for free. A video course will do great. Video courses are very convincing as the audience sees who is speaking and hears the sound. It improves trust.

If you are worried about appearing on camera or recording your voice to create the course, DONT WORRY. You don’t necessarily have to create the course by yourself.

There are many professional freelancers out there willing to do it for you. You can find many professionals that will do anything for you including creating professional courses on Fiverr.  Remember that you can promote more than one product in a single course.

Just ensure that you only include very helpful and trusted products in your course. That way, you can confidently talk about them in your course.

14 . Offer Incentives, CashBack, And Free GiveAways

I used this method in the past, and I got up to 80 referrals quickly with it. I also made money with the referrals. Basically, I created a cash back website where users joined programs and I refunded them some of their expenses from my referral commissions.

Keep in mind that not many affiliate programs allow this, it is not the best method out there, but it does work.

You can offer incentives, and free giveaways to get people join a program, or you  can promise a refund to them   from your affiliate commissions when they make a purchase. However, you have to carefully explain to them all about how this will work, and you need to get them to trust you.

Having said that, from my experience, even though I made money with this method, I found out that there were many people who weren’t interested in the cash back or refunds. They just signed up because they wanted to and didn’t really care about the refunds.

Also, a lot of people found it hard to believe that I will refund them. But I did, and I made money with this method.

15. Offer Services That Require Purchase Of The Product To Those Who Need It

A clear example of this. Lets say you can set up websites, then you may want to promote web hosting products that have affiliate program. Just ensure to chose only the best among the rest. Usually, your client rely on you as an expert to tell them what is best for their website.

You can use this forum to recommend the web hosting product you are promoting to them. Like I said, only promote the best. You don’t want to lose relationship with your client. So when he has agreed to use that web hosting, you send him your affiliate link through email.

He signs up and purchases the hosting plan, so that you can set up his website, you earn a commission from the hosting company, and you still get paid for setting up the website. A win-win.  Web hosting companies pay a great commission from $50 to even up to $5000.

In the same way, you  can offer similar services that fit any product you are promoting. If you don’t have the skill, simply go to YouTube and search for it.

16. Add The Products To “Recommended Tools” On Your Website

If you are already an authority website in your niche, and your audience trust you, then you can add some worthy products on your recommended tools. It rings a lot of bell in your audience minds that “You recommended the tool”. If they trust you, they will surely want to check it out, and will purchase it if they need it.

17. Organize A Webinar

Unlike a course, a webinar is more like an online seminar. It is more like a live session where people can be free to interact with you and ask you questions on whatever you are talking about that they are interested in.

They get more confident when they get real live answers from you, about a product, than when they are just reading it without you being present. If you can vouch for what you are saying and prove your point, you can get lots of conversions through webinars.

18. Go Offline

Just like organizing a webinar online, you can also organize a tutorial or training session offline, in which you will be featuring the products you are promoting. Just ensure that you truly offer value to your audience and show them exactly how the product can help them solve their problem.

The more you are able to convince them, the more conversions or sales you will make.

Extra offline tip: You can also put banners on eye catching places about the product, especially where targeted audience could be. For example, if you are promoting a food related product, you can put the banners on local restaurants around your place.
Some of them may ask you to pay a small fee, if it is a competitive banner that may take away some of their customers. That’s alright. However, I’m pretty sure you can find a way to put these banners for Free somewhere.

If you are promoting a fitness related product, you can put the banners on gym clubs and places that relate to sports around your area. It could be easy to convert.

Take for instance I found a fitness program that will pay you $20 per free trial sign up you bring. If you bring any one to sign up for their 14-day free trial, they will pay you a whole $20 for it. Isn’t that cool?


ahhhhhhh! This is it. You should find a method here. If you have any method that you will like to be included here, I will be very happy to include it and mention your name. Please let me know in the comment section below. 🙂

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